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Sun Mar 19 15:15:57 PDT 2017

Author: pierre
Date: Sun Mar 19 15:15:57 2017
New Revision: 1394

Include jhalfs-2.4-rc2


Modified: html/trunk/alfs/download.html
--- html/trunk/alfs/download.html	Tue Mar 14 21:25:43 2017	(r1393)
+++ html/trunk/alfs/download.html	Sun Mar 19 15:15:57 2017	(r1394)
@@ -15,15 +15,15 @@
       <p>That version is very old and does not work with recent (7.x and 8.x)
          versions of the LFS book.</p>
-      <h2>Release Candidate Version — jhalfs-2.4-rc1</h2>
+      <h2>Release Candidate Version — jhalfs-2.4-rc2</h2>
       <p>After almost eight years without a stable version, this is a
          soon-to-be-released version undergoing the last stages of
          testing. It may be downloaded from the <a
-         href="/alfs/downloads/jhalfs/2.4-rc1"</a>jhalfs-2.4-rc1</a> directory,
+         href="/alfs/downloads/jhalfs/2.4-rc2"</a>jhalfs-2.4-rc2</a> directory,
          or checked out from the subversion repository:</p>
       <div class="cmd"><p>svn co
-         svn://svn.linuxfromscratch.org/ALFS/jhalfs/tags/2.4-rc1
-         jhalfs-2.4-rc1</p></div>
+         svn://svn.linuxfromscratch.org/ALFS/jhalfs/tags/2.4-rc2
+         jhalfs-2.4-rc2</p></div>
       <h2>Current Development</h2>
       <p>The current development version can only be obtained from the
          subversion repository:</p>

Modified: html/trunk/alfs/index.html
--- html/trunk/alfs/index.html	Tue Mar 14 21:25:43 2017	(r1393)
+++ html/trunk/alfs/index.html	Sun Mar 19 15:15:57 2017	(r1394)
@@ -40,8 +40,8 @@
 	<a href="http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/alfs/downloads/jhalfs/stable/">
      <p>A release candidate for the next stable version can be found at <a
-        href="http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/alfs/downloads/jhalfs/2.4-rc1/">
-        http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/alfs/downloads/jhalfs/2.4-rc1/</a>.</p>
+        href="http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/alfs/downloads/jhalfs/2.4-rc2/">
+        http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/alfs/downloads/jhalfs/2.4-rc2/</a>.</p>
      <p>jhalfs is maintained as a subversion repository. To fetch the latest
 	development version, you can use this command:</p>
      <div class="cmd"><p>svn co

Modified: html/trunk/alfs/news.html
--- html/trunk/alfs/news.html	Tue Mar 14 21:25:43 2017	(r1393)
+++ html/trunk/alfs/news.html	Sun Mar 19 15:15:57 2017	(r1394)
@@ -5,6 +5,26 @@
     <h1>ALFS News</h1>
 <!--<p>| <a href="/alfs/feed.rss">RSS Feed</a> |</p>-->
     <dl class="newsItem">
+      <dt>jhalfs 2.4-rc2 Release Candidate</dt>
+      <dd><em>Pierre Labastie - 2017/03/19</em>
+        <p>After eight years of rolling release, the jhalfs development team
+           is pleased to announce the release of jhalfs-2.4-rc2. It is a
+           preliminary release of jhalfs-2.4. Uncountable changes have been
+           made since the last version. The main new features are the ability
+           to use a package manager (provided it can use <q>DESTDIR install</q>)
+           and the ability to install tools to build BLFS packages.</p>
+        <p>This release is compatible with the (B)LFS books in the 7.x series,
+           as well as with the recent 8.0 versions and the current SVN, both
+           SYS V and systemd.</p>
+        <p><a href="http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/alfs/downloads/jhalfs/2.4-rc2/jhalfs-2.4-rc2.tar.xz">
+           Download jhalfs-2.4-rc2 tarball</a></p>
+        <p><a href="http://wiki.linuxfromscratch.org/alfs/wiki/SupportedBooks">
+           See the list of supported books</a></p>
+        <p>Please, send any comments or bugs you find to the alfs-discuss
+           mailing list.</p>
+      </dd>
+    </dl>
+    <dl class="newsItem">
       <dt>jhalfs 2.4-rc1 Release Candidate</dt>
       <dd><em>Pierre Labastie - 2017/03/12</em>
         <p>After eight years of rolling release, the jhalfs development team

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