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randy at linuxfromscratch.org randy at linuxfromscratch.org
Mon Aug 25 08:42:27 PDT 2008

Author: randy
Date: 2008-08-25 09:42:27 -0600 (Mon, 25 Aug 2008)
New Revision: 974

Updated the BLFS-6.3 Downloads page to reflect the final 6.3 release

Modified: html/trunk/blfs/download.html
--- html/trunk/blfs/download.html	2008-08-25 15:33:25 UTC (rev 973)
+++ html/trunk/blfs/download.html	2008-08-25 15:42:27 UTC (rev 974)
@@ -6,25 +6,25 @@
      <p>Several versions of the BLFS book are available for download,
      each in several formats:</p>
-     <div class='note'>
+     <!-- <div class='note'>
        <p><strong>Note:</strong> a new stable version is
        almost ready for release which is the complement to LFS 6.3. A release
        candidate version is available which should be very close to the actual
        release due out on August 24th. Read more about the 6.3-rc3 release
        (including download links) at the
        <a href="./6.3-release_notes.html">6.3 Release Notes</a> page.</p>
-     </div>
+     </div> -->
-     <h2>Current Stable (version 6.2.0)</h2>
+     <h2>Current Stable (version 6.3)</h2>
      <p>This is the latest released BLFS book.
-	   <li><a href="downloads/stable/BLFS-6.2.0.tar.bz2">bzipped HTML format, multiple pages</a></li>
-	   <li><a href="downloads/stable/BLFS-6.2.0.tar.gz">gzipped HTML format, multiple pages</a></li>
-	   <li><a href="downloads/stable/BLFS-6.2.0-nochunks.html.bz2">bzipped HTML format, single page</a></li>
-	   <li><a href="downloads/stable/BLFS-6.2.0-nochunks.html.gz">gzipped HTML format, single page</a></li>
-	   <li><a href="downloads/stable/BLFS-6.2.0.pdf.bz2">bzipped PDF format</a></li>
-	   <li><a href="downloads/stable/BLFS-6.2.0.pdf.gz">gzipped PDF format</a></li>
+	   <li><a href="downloads/stable/BLFS-6.3.tar.bz2">bzipped HTML format, multiple pages</a></li>
+	   <li><a href="downloads/stable/BLFS-6.3.tar.gz">gzipped HTML format, multiple pages</a></li>
+	   <li><a href="downloads/stable/BLFS-6.3-nochunks.html.bz2">bzipped HTML format, single page</a></li>
+	   <li><a href="downloads/stable/BLFS-6.3-nochunks.html.gz">gzipped HTML format, single page</a></li>
+	   <li><a href="downloads/stable/BLFS-6.3.pdf.bz2">bzipped PDF format</a></li>
+	   <li><a href="downloads/stable/BLFS-6.3.pdf.gz">gzipped PDF format</a></li>
      <h2>Current Development</h2>	   

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