Problems in "Get Counted" page

Dan Nicholson dbn.lists at
Mon Oct 9 13:21:33 PDT 2006

On 10/9/06, Gerard Beekmans <gerard at> wrote:
> Al that is going to change with the server mode. Since I got your
> attention now, are you able to explain in more detail exactly what the
> websites use these days technology wise, so I can be sure that
> everything is ported? I didn't get a reply to my last email on this
> subject so I'm still mostly in the dark how everything works.

You actually did have my attention, but...I'm really not the person to
ask. I can barely put together a functional httpd.conf at home and
most of what I've picked up is just from looking at the setups on
belgarath and anduin. I'd guess that Justin knows the most. Manuel
also seems to know a thing or two about web servers. Archaic for mail.

Things that I know off the bat. Apache with included modules probably
does most of what you need. Maybe the libwww-perl modules and friends
if you have some fancy cgi scripts. I have no idea what the standard
way for managing the data is. Rsync for mirroring.

Subversion/trac, obviously. Maybe the mod_dav_svn module to allow svn over http.

For mail, I've really only used postfix. One thing that I've noticed
is that amavisd-new is very popular for interfacing between the MTA
and mail content checkers like spam-assassin or clamav or whatever.
Dovecot is an increasingly popular POP/IMAP server. Mailman,

Those are the main ones I can think of.

We'd have an obvious lack of content, but I've been following these
"planet" blog feeds that are pretty cool. It'd be neat if we had a
Planet Linuxfromscratch, but I think I'm dreaming. Here's some

> I do know about the scripts that run from Lizardo's home directory, and
> that's going to change when I move things over. The update system
> shouldn't be owned by a real user, it'll become part of the www
> subsystem in some fashion. That allows everybody to easily make changes
> to things.

That will make things a lot easier. I imagine the setup has just been
patched here and there to work over the years. That makes it hard to
understand what's going on.

> I'll leave the lfscounter for what it is. Things need to be changed
> anyways after the server migration. I rather get the framework figured
> out and the infrastructure around it. Then fix the bugs with properly
> setup files.

That seems reasonable, and it'll be much easier to work with a clean
setup. Trying to do a wholesale change now seems like a dead end.

I'll keep looking around and thinking about sanitizing the setup. If I
can identify any low risk fixes in the meantime, I'll let you know.

Please keep posting here about any plans for the server.


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