Jeremy's server isn't syncing again

Jeroen Coumans jeroen at
Fri Oct 29 00:27:09 PDT 2004

Stuart Harris said the following on 28-10-2004 22:29:
> Just as an idea, why dot we just switch the whole site to svn? or CVS,
> or ... that way we get what's changed, as it changes, and only what's
> changed.. even with the whole timestamp bit, it'll still mean we get the
> whole site everytime the timestamp is updated.

You mean that the mirrors use Subversion to download the site 
themselves? It would be possible, but it would also complicate our 
mirror scheme, since each mirror would need something like our to generate tarballs & book renderings. Or, if we 
would store everything in Subversion, we'd have a lot of redundant data 
in our repository (source & compilation). If it's just for bandwidth 
savings, I'm not sure if we'd gain a lot, since rsync only synchronizes 
the changed data.

Jeroen Coumans

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