TARGETDIR variable on

Matthew Burgess matthew at
Mon Oct 25 08:21:15 PDT 2004

Anderson Lizardo wrote:
> On Sunday 24 October 2004 17:02, Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
>>Anderson Lizardo wrote:
>>>svn: Editing property on non-local target
>>>'svn+ssh://' not yet supported
>>>So when we get this feature implemented, property editing will be a lot
>>>easier (i.e. will not require a working copy).
>>This is a limitation of Subversion, not the LFS installation of it, I
>>believe. Is that what you were referring to in "when we get this feature
> Yeah, just change s/we/the Subversion developers/. Don't know where "we" came 
> from ;). 

Well, remote propedits are allowed - but only on non-versioned 
properties (e.g. svn:log).  As you're editing a _versioned_ property 
then it's quite right in asking you to make your changes in a working 
copy and then commit them - heck, you wouldn't want to be able to hack 
on the website directly in the repository would you? :)

For details see and 
Maybe targetdir *should* be a non-versioned property, at least that'll 
allow you to remotely edit the properties at least.



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