Website updated on Sun Oct 24 13:22:01 MDT 2004

Anderson Lizardo lizardo at
Sun Oct 24 12:22:01 PDT 2004

Command: /home/lizardo/scripts/ /home/svn/repositories/www 856

svn -q update  -r 856
rm -rf news/alfs/2003
LC_ALL=C /home/httpd/ -a news/ -i alfs/news-2003.txt -t templates/alfs/archive-top.html -b templates/alfs/archive-bottom.html
rm -rf news/blfs/2003
LC_ALL=C /home/httpd/ -a news/ -i blfs/news-2003.txt -t templates/blfs/archive-top.html -b templates/blfs/archive-bottom.html
rm -rf news/alfs/2004
LC_ALL=C /home/httpd/ -a news/ -i alfs/news-2004.txt -t templates/alfs/archive-top.html -b templates/alfs/archive-bottom.html
rm -rf news/blfs/2004
LC_ALL=C /home/httpd/ -a news/ -i blfs/news-2004.txt -t templates/blfs/archive-top.html -b templates/blfs/archive-bottom.html
rm -rf news/hints/2004
LC_ALL=C /home/httpd/ -a news/ -i hints/news-2004.txt -t templates/hints/archive-top.html -b templates/hints/archive-bottom.html
mkdir -p logs
for repos in www patches LFS BLFS hints; do \
svn log --verbose --xml svn://$repos 2>/dev/null | /home/httpd/ --with-branchname > logs/$repos.html.tmp; \
cmp -s logs/$repos.html.tmp logs/$repos.html || cp logs/$repos.html.tmp logs/$repos.html; \
rm logs/$repos.html.tmp; \
cat templates/website-top.html \
logs/www.html \
templates/website-bottom.html > website.html
cat templates/alfs/news-top.html > alfs/news.html
LC_ALL=C /home/httpd/ -i alfs/news-2004.txt >> alfs/news.html
LC_ALL=C /home/httpd/ -i news-2004.txt >> alfs/news.html
/home/httpd/ --project ALFS --with-branchname >> alfs/news.html
cat templates/alfs/news-bottom.html >> alfs/news.html
cat templates/blfs/news-top.html > blfs/news.html
LC_ALL=C /home/httpd/ -i blfs/news-2004.txt >> blfs/news.html
LC_ALL=C /home/httpd/ -i news-2004.txt >> blfs/news.html
cat logs/BLFS.html \
templates/blfs/news-bottom.html >> blfs/news.html
cat templates/hints/news-top.html \
logs/hints.html \
templates/hints/news-bottom.html > hints/news.html
cat templates/lfs/news-top.html > lfs/news.html
LC_ALL=C /home/httpd/ -i lfs/news-2004.txt >> lfs/news.html
LC_ALL=C /home/httpd/ -i news-2004.txt >> lfs/news.html
cat logs/LFS.html \
templates/lfs/news-bottom.html >> lfs/news.html
cat templates/patches/news-top.html \
logs/patches.html \
templates/patches/news-bottom.html > patches/news.html
/home/httpd/ -n alfs/news.html -r alfs/feed.rss
/home/httpd/ -n blfs/news.html -r blfs/feed.rss
/home/httpd/ -n lfs/news.html -r lfs/feed.rss
cat templates/index-top.html \
mirrorlist.html \
templates/index-bottom.html > index.html
for i in alfs hlfs blfs hints lfs patches; do \
    cat templates/$i/index-top.html > $i/index.html; \
    sed "s@/lfs/news.html@/$i/news.html at g" mirrorlist.html >> $i/index.html; \
    cat templates/$i/index-bottom.html >> $i/index.html; done
svn -q update patches/downloads
find hints/downloads -type l -exec rm '{}' \;
svn -q update hints/downloads/files
ln -s files hints/downloads/hints
cd hints/downloads && tar --exclude=.svn -chjf hints.tar.bz2 hints/
rm hints/downloads/hints
cd hints/downloads/files && \
if [ -d HOLD ]; then for i in $(ls HOLD/*.txt); do ln -s $i; done; fi
cd hints/downloads/files && \
for i in $(ls PREVIOUS_FORMAT/*.txt); do ln -s $i; done
make: *** No rule to make target `hints/downloads/files/windowmaker.txt', needed by `hints/list.html'.  Stop.

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