error by compiling gcc-3.3.3 :(

Matthew Burgess matthew at
Sun Oct 24 05:30:31 PDT 2004

Jeroen Coumans wrote:
> Matthew Burgess said the following on 24-10-2004 14:03:
>> Here's an 'svn diff' patch against the current www sources.  I don't 
>> have commit privs to the repository, and whilst I could easily grant 
>> them to myself I didn't think that was the Right Thing to do.  Let me 
>> know if you want me to have commit privs, and I'll gladly do it. 
>> Incidentally, I didn't see an appropriate place in blfs/faq.html to 
>> add a link back to the lfs/faq.html entry.
> Your patch was perfect; thanks (I've applied it already). It's fine by 
> me if you give yourself commit privileges if the quality of your patches 
> are always this high. Thanks again,

No problem.  Looking again at 'groups' on belgarath I see 'lfswww', 
which would suggest that I did have commit privs before the svn 
migration.  I've added myself to 'svnwww' now.

Thanks again,


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