error by compiling gcc-3.3.3 :(

Matthew Burgess matthew at
Sun Oct 24 04:45:09 PDT 2004

Jeroen Coumans wrote:
> Matthew Burgess said the following on 24-10-2004 11:44:
>> Jeroen, I added this to the FAQ myself, but probably did it the wrong 
>> way!  Is the FAQ generated from somewhere, or is editing the 
>> faq/faq.html and lfs/faq.html files (like I did) the right way of 
>> doing this?
> Did you at it in the website repository or in /home/httpd/ I 
> didn't get an update in my working copy, so I assume the latter.

You assume right.  I've got commit privs to the www repos, so I'll 
update the repo now, if that's OK.
> Entries are added at multiple places (bad workflow, I know):
> faq/faq.html
> lfs/faq.html
> blfs/faq.html
> In each file, there's a giant TOC where each entry should be added and a 
> giant <dl> for the actual Q&A. The actual QA is only added in either 
> FAQ, LFS/FAQ or BLFS/FAQ, but the TOC entries are added in each file, 
> with a proper href.

Thanks for the explanation - in my manual update I missed blfs/faq.html 
so I'll be sure to get that one this time around.

Thanks for the explanation.


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