glibc compile error

Jeroen Coumans jeroen at
Sat Oct 23 09:20:50 PDT 2004

Randy McMurchy said the following on 23-10-2004 00:06:
> [Not being critical, just saying it like it is]
> You know, if the website news sections were to ever be updated
> once in a while, perhaps the casual guy that drops in, sees

I don't monitor the lists as closely as I used to, so forgive me for not 
keeping the website as up-to-date as you might wish. That said, it seems 
there are more then enough people who have a rather firm grasp of the 
latest FAQ's & news items. Are there any who'd be willing to provide 
summaries of threads or small writeups? If so, please send them to the 
website list and I'll take care of posting them as news items.

Also, unless there's still strong opposition, once we've taken care of 
the website todo's, we'll start migrating to TWiki. That way, we have 
much easier news item generation and we can give active community 
members priviliges to make posts too.

Jeroen Coumans

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