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Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Fri Oct 22 15:39:39 PDT 2004

On Fri, 2004-10-22 at 17:06 -0500, Randy McMurchy wrote: 
> [Not being critical, just saying it like it is]
> You know, if the website news sections were to ever be updated
> once in a while, perhaps the casual guy that drops in, sees
> a choice between "Stable" and "Testing", chooses the Stable
> version and drives on, only to discover that he cannot build
> the "Stable" version because his host is too new, wouldn't
> have to ask LFS-Support this question all the time.
> There's no mention in the LFS Stable book (to the best of my
> knowledge) that some hosts work and some don't. The Stable
> book *does* say that you can build it from your existing host.
> FC2 very will might be someone's existing host.
> I think it's unfair to dog on these guys because they don't
> read the archives before asking a question that should be
> up front and obvious to him before he even starts.
> Why doesn't the website news section get updated?

Well, atm, I think I'm the only guy on the website team with time on my
hands, and since I've not been used to doing that kind of stuff before,
I think I just let it slide.  I'd be happy to create a news item for
this one, though.

Something like:

"Some Linux distributions are too new to use as a host system for
building LFS-5.1.1, e.g., Fedora Core 2.  Consider building with an
older host system, or build LFS 6.0 (testing) which is due for release
in the very near future.  Until it is released the testing branch is
frozen for updates, so there will likely be little difference between
testing as it is now and the released LFS 6.0 book."

If no one has objections I'll make a news item of this perhaps later
tonight, or tomorrow. (I'll let a little time pass in case I'm not going
about this the right way. ;) )

In the meantime, if anyone has a news item that needs published, just
drop a note to the website list.

Jeremy Huntwork

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