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Anderson Lizardo lizardo at
Sun Oct 17 20:22:37 PDT 2004

On Saturday 16 October 2004 15:18, Jeremy Huntwork wrote:
> 1) Anderson, are all our scripts up and running the way we want? If you
> need help with anything there, point me in the right direction. :) I
> know it's been talked about (on and off list) that a better way to
> backup the site before rendering might be in order.

Yep, actually it's a major rewrite of the procedure we currently use :). By 
using a makefile, only the things that changed (and others that depend on 
them) are updated, so an entire website deletion (like we saw a couple of 
times before) is pratically impossble on this scheme.

I've re-sent a request for admin help to server-admin (and it's alredy done; 
thanks Jeremy!). Actually, after the tasks on that e-mail are finished, we 
will only need to change a SVN property to start updating the actual website 
(for now it will update; I've 
also temporarily disabled automatic redirection for TWiki so we can access 
this page).

> 2) Is our mirroring setup for our current site changing, or are we
> leaving it alone?

AFAIK, for now we're still using the old "pull" method, with mirrors receiving 
a cron time window for mirror-side rsync. One important thing that have 
stopped our advance with the push method was that we were not using the 
post-commit method to update the website. This way, even if the push 
rsync'ing is possible by using a cron job, we would not have the benefit of 
keeping the mirrors as more up-to-date as possible (the main objective of 
using push rsync, BTW).

Now that we have the post-commit running, we can continue making tests 
(specially evaluating the delay to make a commit) with the push rsync.

Another thing that got my attention was the not-so-recent rsync flaw regarding 
rsync on daemon mode. We must make sure that all mirrors that agree to adopt 
this method have their rsync properly up-to-date regarding this issue.

> 3) On a similar note, we've been getting a *lot* of emails lately on
> server-admin from would-be mirror admins, telling us they're willing to
> mirror.  These are basically waiting on rsync times.  Gerard, IIUC, you
> are reserving this job for yourself, which is fine.  However, if we're
> not going to be adding any more mirrors at this time, I think it would
> be both considerate and beneficial to either reply by email to these
> volunteers telling them we have no need for more mirrors atm, or post
> something similar on the site.  Currently, these guys are just hanging
> and I think it reflects badly on the project.

IMHO we should limit the number of primary (i.e. those who are mirroring the 
website directly from belgarath) mirrors some way, otherwise we will end up 
with rsync using more bandwidth than the website visitors ;). I like the 
Debian way of distributing the load of rsync between the "master" server and 
the primary mirrors, which are master of secondary mirrors, although I 
suppose it's a bit complex for our setup.

I think we have many HTTP mirrors, but fewer FTP mirrors for mirroring LFS 
packages. We can also suggest those mirrors with plenty space/bandwidth to 
offer their services for FTP mirroring instead.

> 4) Is the repository configured correctly to begin using it in
> connection with the TWiki? IIRC, we still need a few scripts, right?

IMHO, the repository is definitely not ready for working with TWiki, at least 
the way we want (keeping our local modifications on repository and updating 
the running installation on  commit). The repository reorganization suggested 
by Jeroen is also missing.

You just brought up the main TODO items for website (there are some others, 
like the search engine tuning, putting your lfscounter.cgi script on-line, 
switching to a CMS, templates for viewcvs, bugzilla, mailman etc.). Right now 
I think the high-priority items are, in that order: (1) make the post-commit 
process work, and (2) fix our mirroring scheme, both the method we use and 
our policy regarding new mirrors. The other items go next.

As you might have noticed, I seem more active on the lfs lists, mainly because 
I'm starting a reorganization of my schedule to have more time for OS 
projects :)

Anderson Lizardo
lizardo at

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