Admin help needed for setting up new website update script

Jeremy Utley (-J-), LFS Staff jeremy at
Sun Oct 17 17:32:43 PDT 2004

On Sun, October 17, 2004 4:57 pm, Anderson Lizardo said:
> Hi admins,
> I'm implementing a new update script for the website, based on a
> post-commit
> process. I've been testing it for some time, and I'd like to put it online
> ASAP. For this, the following administrative tasks (which require special
> privileges) need to be done, _in the order they are listed_:
> 1) Disable the cronjob which runs I think it runs
> on
> Gerard's account.
> 2) Append the following line to
> /home/svn/repositories/www/hooks/post-commit:
> /home/lizardo/scripts/ "$REPOS" "$REV"

This is done :)

> As a suggestion, I think it would be good to have a place to store all the
> scripts currently not versioned by Subversion. A "scripts" repository can
> be
> created which stores the render-{b,},
> and
> hook scripts (amongst others), with a post-commit hook that updates the
> real
> script locations
> (eg. /usr/bin/, /usr/bin/ A
> separate location can even be created to store these scripts on belgarath
> (eg. /var/lib/scripts), so a simple "svn -q update /var/lib/scripts"
> updates
> all scripts at once.

Not a bad idea, but since I believe G has a new machine to replace belg at
some point in the future, I'd prefer not to do this right now, and instead
integrate this into the new machine when it goes into place.


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