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Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Sat Oct 16 12:18:18 PDT 2004


Started going over some of the website todos, as I wanted to work on a
few things.  I remembered though, that part of what has been holding me
back lately is that a few things seem unresolved:

1) Anderson, are all our scripts up and running the way we want? If you
need help with anything there, point me in the right direction. :) I
know it's been talked about (on and off list) that a better way to
backup the site before rendering might be in order. 

2) Is our mirroring setup for our current site changing, or are we
leaving it alone?

3) On a similar note, we've been getting a *lot* of emails lately on
server-admin from would-be mirror admins, telling us they're willing to
mirror.  These are basically waiting on rsync times.  Gerard, IIUC, you
are reserving this job for yourself, which is fine.  However, if we're
not going to be adding any more mirrors at this time, I think it would
be both considerate and beneficial to either reply by email to these
volunteers telling them we have no need for more mirrors atm, or post
something similar on the site.  Currently, these guys are just hanging
and I think it reflects badly on the project.

4) Is the repository configured correctly to begin using it in
connection with the TWiki? IIRC, we still need a few scripts, right?

Sorry for bringing up what feels like the same questions again, but I'm
not sure if anything has been done in the background with some of this
stuff, and a little discussion always fires me up for more activity.
I'm going review the lists a bit more to read up what things we had
previously talked about. Just consider this post as basically asking:
'Has anything changed?'

Jeremy Huntwork

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