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Jeremy Huntwork jeremy at jenacon.net
Sat Jun 26 11:06:24 PDT 2004

Jeroen Coumans wrote:

> Matthew Burgess said the following on 26-06-2004 13:47:
>> On Sat, 26 Jun 2004 13:37:25 +0200
>> Jeroen Coumans <jeroen at linuxfromscratch.org> wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> How hard would it be to integrate the various template mechanisms we 
>>> currently have? There's swish, lfscounter, TWiki, ViewCVS, Mailman, 
>>> Bugzilla... it would be great if we can have them re-use at least some
>>> components for eg. headers, footers, navigation, etc.
>> This immediately brings to mind trac again, simply as it has the
>> functionality of viewcvs, TWiki (although to what extend I'm not
>> qualified to say) and Bugzilla in it already.  That's 50% of things
>> using the same templates straight away.  lfscounter should be trivial to
>> convert, as it's only a relatively small script. Unfortunately I know
>> nothing of swish or mailman to be able to comment on their ease of
>> configuring with regard to a different template system.
> Yes, the conversion to trac would obselete viewCVS and Bugzilla, but 
> it's Wiki functionality is meant to replace the Bugzilla comment 
> system. It would be a nice replacement for wiki.lfs.org, but it's not 
> suitable as CMS hence not a TWiki replacement.
> I'm not sure how "compatible" the trac template system is since its 
> based on a C-library instead of Perl/PHP templates.
>> Having said that, the migration to trac may actually be harder than
>> converting the 3 areas of functionality it would replace.
> ViewCVS is easily replaced, and the wiki.lfs.org will be replaced 
> anyhow, either as an open Web in TWiki or in trac. The conversion from 
> Bugzilla is probably harder, since we'd have to convert bugs to issues 
> and comments to trac wiki pages.

There are (at least ) 3 routes we could take here, as I see it:

1) Continue using viewCVS, Bugzilla, and work to make all our apps use 
the same templates.  This would take a bit of work, but I believe it 
could be done, and for many of the apps it wouldn't be too hard.  The 
way I set up the recent lfscounter was to make it so other apps could 
use the same templates.  I believe both Swish and Bugzilla could already 
be easily tweaked to use the same template ( all based on the Perl 
Template module ).  There would likely be a lot of work to make the 
other apps, such as viewCVS or TWiki use the same templates.

2) Implement trac, replacing viewCVS & Bugzilla completely.  As Matthew 
pointed out it already has built-in a lot of the functionality that 
we're seeking, but, also as Jeroen mentioned, there would still be work 
to make it do *all* that we want.  Wiki & converting Bugzilla entries 
are two items that come to mind.  The built in wiki of trac is nice, but 
it misses some functionality.  We could, of course, hack it a bit and 
adjust it to suit our needs... a lot of work for number 2, as well.

3) Going out on a bit of a limb.  We could develop our own application.  
( Like Matthew, I'll put on my flame-resistant suit now. :) )  Based on 
the functionality of all the programs we currently use, we could build a 
system that does it all, indexing/searching, tickets/bugs, wiki, CMS, 
register/find users, etc.  Now, of course this would take a lot of time 
and work, but we'd end up with a system that does all that we want, the 
way we want, and may possibly be of use to others, too.

I'm not promoting *any* of these items over another.  Just throwing them 
out there for consideration.  (I will admit that #3 would be a fun 
undertaking, though. :) )
There might be other options that I've missed, too.  I do think, 
however, it is a worthy goal to try to have one templating system that 
all web apps share and use together.  Make 'em wear a uniform! ;)

Jeremy Huntwork

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