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James Robertson jwrober at linuxfromscratch.org
Fri Jun 18 19:30:24 PDT 2004

Jeremy Huntwork wrote:

> I started investigating the current bugzilla setup to see if I could 
> come up with a solution to the scripts mentioned in the website todos.  
> I didn't get very far because I got distracted with the templates.  I 
> set up my own bugzilla, and started playing around with the templates, 
> you can see it here:
> http://www.jenacon.net/bugzilla/index.cgi
> It's not near finished, but what do you guys think so far?  Should I 
> continue setting up templates and work on making them XHTML compliant 
> or is this a worthless pursuit?

I think it looks great Jeremy.  Good work.  I would wait for what Jeroen 
says before continuing, just like Anderson.


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