Becoming an ftp mirror

Roel Neefs roel at
Tue Jun 8 10:16:59 PDT 2004

On Wednesday 09 June 2004 16:42, Roel Neefs wrote:
> lo,
> If you guys have a bit of time, the becomemirror.html needs some
> expansion for the ftp mirrors. The requirements are only the need of
> rsync, cron and about 1.5Gb of space
> When interested, they can mail me (not server-admin i'm not on that
> one :) ) with the following info:
> - hostname
> - path on server to lfs archive
> - location of the server (country/city)
> - available upload bandwidth
> - time to bring the mirror online
- contact address

> I have an example rsync script attached (to be changed to their
> likings), rsyncing should be done once a day, on a time that i will
> give them, just like for the www.
> Could you guys formulate that in a nice presentable way, or do you
> want me to make a html patch? :)

Roel Neefs

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