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Dear people at linuxfromscratch,

I couldn't find a mailing list for requests so I will make a
request right now.

I there a possibility that you could save the linux from scratch
people have build? And later install it on another or the same
computer from a saved file without having to compile again?
It would be nice if that was possible.
You could have contests who could build the fastest and smallest
linux with a certain set of agreed components like KDE and other
software. You could put the fastest distributions online for

If you want to build a fast LFS maybe someone could make a linux
from scratch downloadable image source code file so I and others
don't have to separately download all the source code files. This
will save me and other people a lot of time if they want to compile
linux from scratch.

You could make or use a setup program from a certain linux
distribution and change it so it could install a linuxfromscratch
"made by myself, home build LFS" or a LFS from the winner of the
LFS fastest distro contest.
I hate to see my hard work disappear if something goes wrong on my
computer like a hard disk crash. If you could install your own home
baked linux from scratch form hard disk CD or DVD it will save a
lot of time and you can easily demonstrate it to other people by
installing it to other machines so these computers will also be
very fast.
I want to be able to keep my LFS save so I can enjoy it for a long
period of time.

This next message doesn't concern the people at linuxfromscratch
very much I hope but I have to get it of my chest. It is one of the
things I and others hate about linux.
I hate software dependencies, I will give you a good example:
If I want a certain piece of software to work, I have to install a
certain shell. I don't like the particular shell. The shell
software part on my computer that doesn't have the dependencie code
is taking space. This will make my computer slower and I don't even
use the shell, at least not the dependencie free part. I am not a
compiler expert but, could people make libraries to get rid of the
darn dependencies? Is this a stupid question? I heard indirectly
from a computer expert that to make a computer fast you have to
keep the operating system software small. Is this true? Sounds
logical to me.

An LFS user.
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