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Jeremy Huntwork jeremy at
Sat Dec 11 07:12:14 PST 2004

Randy McMurchy wrote:

> I was certainly surprised when I saw that....
> It really has no place on the web site. The page should be best
> viewed using any standards compliant browser. Certainly Firefox
> isn't the only one....
The point of that link was to help new users appreciate that firefox 
makes a far better standards compliant browser than does, say, IE.
Firefox consistently renders the css (standards compliant CSS!) in the 
way it was meant to be. IE, and a few others don't always like to play 
nice (for example, Konq and Opera).  I certainly will do my best to make 
sure the site is rendered appropriately in each mainstream browser, but 
it was just a little encouragement to those who have never ventured past 
IE to go out and try a browser that works.

Jeremy Huntwork

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