Website Proposal [Was TWiki status]

Matthew Burgess matthew at
Wed Dec 8 11:18:32 PST 2004

Archaic wrote:
> On Wed, Dec 08, 2004 at 06:42:58PM +0000, Matthew Burgess wrote:
>>2) Can content be published (i.e. made live) easily?
>>Yes, as Jeremy said, the way his server is setup, the DocRoot is simply 
>>a working copy of the website SVN repository.  When a commit is made to 
>>the repository then a post-commit hook performs an 'svn update' in that 
>>working copy.  Changes are therefore made live instantly, unless you're 
>>looking at a mirror, in which case...
> Make sure that post-commit involves testing the pages before the WC is
> updated. ;)

Ha - testing schmesting!  If Jeremy breaks it again ( :) ) we just undo 
the change and slap his wrists.  In the Real World, the customers (our 
website visitors in this case) are the testers.  I think the textbooks 
mention something about testing, but I think it's one of those purely 
theoretical concepts :)

Just because we're an open source project and *should* know better, 
doesn't mean we have to do things right, does it? :)  Having said that, 
if we can get the w3c's validator and/or link checker on belgarath I 
don't see why this can't be implemented, but as a 'pre-commit' hook, so 
that the live website is *never* broken!



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