Website Proposal [Was TWiki status]

Jason Gurtz jason at
Wed Dec 8 10:15:37 PST 2004

On 12/8/2004 12:38, Jeremy Huntwork wrote:

> I've had several discussions with various team members about the TWiki 
> development and future conversion (mostly in irc).  In most of these 
> discussions I did my best to defend the prospect of a TWiki and the 
> benefits of using one, but often they didn't get very far.  The best 
> I've ever been able to do is say, 'just wait until the finished product 
> is done, and leave your opinions until then.'  I've come to realize 
> that, no matter what the feature set of TWiki, many neither see the need 
> to use one, nor like the prospect of doing so.  Even if it may seem to 
> some to be irrational opinions, we can't beat our current 
> contributors/developers heads into submission.  Even if our development 
> of TWiki continues and produces a beautiful and functional site, I don't 
> think we'd get there without a *lot* of pain.

What this tells me is that it might be best to implement the wiki
separately, but in a way where it will be used a lot by users (big special
link on main page of site or something like that).  When everyone starts
using it, instead of the alternative, then it will be obvious to everyone
that the wiki is the better choice.




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