Website Proposal [Was TWiki status]

Jeremy Utley jeremy at
Wed Dec 8 09:53:14 PST 2004

Kevin P. Fleming wrote:

> Jeremy Huntwork wrote:
>> It still needs to be fleshed out and to have a few features added.  
>> But I'm putting this forward publicly to allow anyone who wishes to 
>> comment.  I'm bringing it up only as an *option* - I fully respect 
>> everyone's current postition and right to an opinion in this regard, 
>> so, personally, no feelings on the line ;)
> I do like the look and feel of this site, but then I also like the 
> look and feel of the current site :-)

I was never really fond of the look and feel of the current site.  
There's too many links on each page, which leads to a cluttered look, 
IMHO, plus adding to administrative task.  JH's site is nice and clean, 
and looks very good.

> What really matters is whether this method will provide easier 
> maintenance, fewer rendering problems, etc. Only the website team can 
> speak to that.

Most of the problems we've seen from the current website is when the 
rendering script malfunctions for whatever reason.  To me, any site that 
needs a daily script run on it to appear properly is handled the wrong way.


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