TWiki status

Jeroen Coumans jeroen at
Wed Dec 8 08:51:56 PST 2004


I'm sending this message to find out two things:
1. Are we going to proceed with deploying TWiki on the LFS website to 
replace the current HTML? I mean, are there no technical or political 
objections from the LFS project members (save a dissident voice)?

2. If yes, what's the minimal stuff that needs to be done in order to 
convert ASAP? My suggestion would be to at least migrate all current 
content and make sure it's still mirrorable. Additional features, such 
as news automation etc., can be deployed incrementally.

The TWiki installation which we used is still off-line. Should the LFS 
community decide that TWiki is not wanted for the main website, we can 
resurrect it as If not, I suggest we try to get it online 
again and update it to the latest stable release.

Jeroen Coumans

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