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  Moved #how-to-find back into the FAQ. Apparantly some people still don't find the information, despite it being in the book, the website and now the FAQ again.
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  1.64      +2 -2      www/faq/index.html
  Index: index.html
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  retrieving revision 1.63
  retrieving revision 1.64
  diff -u -r1.63 -r1.64
  --- index.html	21 Oct 2003 17:40:09 -0000	1.63
  +++ index.html	29 Oct 2003 23:14:57 -0000	1.64
  @@ -306,6 +306,8 @@
   			<p>These projects are discontinued and now maintained in the <a href="">coreutils</a> project. Future LFS versions will be updated to this package. For LFS-4.1, refer to <a href="../lfs/packages.html">the new LFS packages webpage</a>.</p>
  +	<dt id="how-to-find">How do I find a package or command?</dt>
  +		<dd>Please refer to <a href="../lfs/packages.html">the LFS packages webpage</a>.</dd>
   <p><a href="#header">Back to the top.</a></p>
  @@ -313,8 +315,6 @@
   	<dt id="where-lfs-packages"><a href="#where-lfs-packages">Where are the lfs-packages tarballs or wget scripts?</a></dt>
   		<dd>This entry is obseleted by <a href="../lfs/packages.html">the LFS packages webpage</a>.</dd>
  -	<dt id="how-to-find"><a href="#how-to-find">How do I find a package or command?</a></dt>
  -		<dd>This entry is mostly obseleted by <a href="../lfs/packages.html">the LFS packages webpage</a>.</dd>
   	<dt id="version-not-in-book"><a href="#version-not-in-book">I'm using a version not in the book. Is that a problem?</a></dt>
   		<dd>There's already a <a href="#why-not-version">FAQ entry</a> which describes this. Since hardly anyone refers to this entry it's obseleted.</dd>
   	<dt id="wheres-which"><a href="#wheres-which">Where's which?</a></dt>

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