About Translation Affairs

Xinkui Hao haox at musc.edu
Tue Oct 28 14:22:58 PST 2003


Firstly, thank you all for your great job in LFS. 

We are maintaining a Chinese translation of LFS and BLFS(keep updating
for a year). Meanwhile, we have a website (http://lfs.linuxsir.org) and
a subforum of linuxsir.org. The translation for LFS CVS 20031023 is at:
The translation for BLFS is a little outdated(20030629) but we plan to
update to cvs ASAP. In http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/lfs/stable.html,
I saw some other translations. Would you please add us as Chinese
Translation? I even thought of the entry:

Chinese    Linuxsir Team   See website(http://lfs.linuxsir.org)  4.0 and


Xinkui Hao
haox at musc.edu

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