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Sun Oct 26 16:22:38 PST 2003

On Sun, 26 Oct 2003, [iso-8859-1] Anderson Lizardo wrote:

> Bill Maltby, LFS Organizational wrote:
> > Well, it's just a nebulous concept in my mind ATM. Basically
> > envisioned something like:
> > [snip]
> Maybe Bugzilla is more suitable for this? We can add a bug named "Build results
> for LFS 5.0", and users with unsuccessful builds can comment the bug and
> describe the problem. And, AFAIK, Bugzilla has a built-in voting poll that can
> be more suitable for this purpose.

This seems a good possibility, but for one thing. I thnk if it is not
*extremely* convenient, people will generally not want to make the
effort to click on "Submit a Bug" (ignoring the fact that they would not
recognize it as the place to "vote" in the first place), serrch for the
bug (or enter its number *if* they know it), wait for the proper screen,
click what's necessary (do they have to have a ;ogin for that?)...

I would like to see something right on the home page that they can click
and be right where they need to be: convenient, fast and flexible. And
highlighted. Otherwise, I fear that the effort would be wasted due to
lack of participation.

Of course, the whole concept may note be viable antway.

> Another alternative is to create a mailing list where users can send their
> build log to (similar to the method used by GCC project).

Personally, I don't go for that one. What would we do with them? I don't
think their logs would have much use for very long.

> Just some thoughts ;-)

Keep thinking - there's lots of good ideas that never see the light of
day unless they are spoken.

Anyway, what I was wanting to know is if the poll might be useful for
such a thing. If you say yes, then it is a candidate for discussion on
the lists to decide if the concept has any merit. If so, then lists or
bugzilla or the poll methods can be examined on the *dev lists.

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