Front page still horked.

Greg Schafer gschafer at
Fri Oct 24 21:15:36 PDT 2003


The first news item has this, smack, bang in the middle:

We would appreciate any feedback on this test release, in particular bugs in
the installation instructions. Any and all feedback can be sent to the
lfs-dev mailinglist.
_ITEM_BOUNDARY Title: nALFS Profile for v5.0-PRE2 Available Author: James
Robertson Date: 2003/10/07

David Wheeler was kind enough to provide the nALFS development team a copy
of his LFS 5.0-PRE2 profile.

C'mon guys! This sloppiness is not good for the LFS image :-) We can do
better than this. There would appear to be a problem with website procedures
if this sort of thing keeps on happening.


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