The search engine needs a rewrite

Anderson Lizardo andersonlizardo at
Fri Oct 24 16:14:53 PDT 2003


While fixing the two mentioned problems ("blank page if no results are 
found" and "show search string on search box"), I found a couple of 
problems on current search engine installation:

- We are not using the provided templating functionality. The changes to 
the XHTML layout are being made directly on Perl code. With templates, 
the layout maintenance, separated from the code, is much more easy.

- While modificating the layout, some important peaces of code were 
removed (like that one that maintains the search string on search box) 
and others were forgotten (like the search per list name).

- Currently, the swish database allows searching only on mailing list 
archives. It would be great if we can search on website, faq, hints and 
(maybe) patches, too.

So, I'm asking if I can go ahead and rewrite the search engine to 
achieve these problems and other that may appear.

PS: When I say "rewrite", I mean "use correctly the tool features" :-).
Anderson Lizardo

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