Modifying to accomodate permission issues?

Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Thu Oct 9 08:21:16 PDT 2003

Hi again,

Mark, please read
in case you missed the post.

We run a script as root through cron called - it cleans up
CVS permissions, lock file permissions and such things and it runs once
an hour. It's basically a script full with chmod and chgrp commands to
ensure the CVS files are always writable by the proper groups and so

How about we rename this script to and make it a
general permission fixer upper script. It will ensure all CVS
repositories and lock file directories are in order, it will also run
the chmod and chgrp commands to make sure the website directories are
all in order. That'll make the manual adjusting issue less fragile.

It seems the easiest solution to implement, but I'll wait you guys'
response before actually doing so. There might just be a better way of
doing things.

Gerard Beekmans

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