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  +Title: [CFT] nALFS-1.2.0-gnubuild-pre1.tar.bz2
  +Author: Kevin P. Flemming
  +Date: 2003/10/05
  +		<p><a href="">nALF-1.2.0-gnubuild-pre1.tar.bz2</a></p>
  +		<p>OK, here it is, ready for the first round of testing. This is identical code to current CVS, but the build system has been completely changed. The tarball grew significantly, because the "proper" way to include the GNU build system makes copies of some large files in the distribution image. Also, the tarball currently includes a large set of code that is not used, but will be used when I enable compiling a completely static nALFS (not yet working).</p>
  +		<p>Normal users can follow the same instructions as always: unpack, configure, make, make install. There should be any significant changes noticed, other than the build will be a lot "noisier" and the final libraries installed into $(prefix)/lib/nALFS have different names. Functionally there should be no change, though.</p>
  +		<p>There are some additional things to note for maintainers; James, if you are reading this I can send you that information for your <em>developer's guide</em>. Tomorrow when I am not so tired I will compose a message listing all the improvements in this version </p>
   Title: ALFS Roadmap
   Author: James Robertson
   Date: 2003/09/22

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