[links-list] feature request: --dump

Tim Larson tim at lovelyskin.com
Wed Feb 4 14:05:55 PST 2004


I'd like a --dump option (like Lynx has) so that I can grab pages as 
formatted text from my shell scripts.  I can save pages from within Links 
like this, so it shouldn't be too hard to do it as a CL option.  I 
started to look into doing this myself, but my time is too limited to 
delve into the code.  :(  In the meantime I have to stick with Lynx which 
is not nearly as good.

Thanks to everyone that's contributed to Links.  It's a great little browser.

Tim Larson, Webmaster                  Skin Specialists - LovelySkin.com
402.334.SKIN                          For a more beautiful you, surf us!

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