[links-list] Re: Graphical Links with extra features

aludal aludal at softhome.net
Sat Nov 30 22:18:49 PST 2002


> > so, how do I configure it to allow for Lua?
> Have you LUA installed on your machine?
dunno..... Soznatel'nykh k tomu usiliy ne prilagal. Esli elinks 0.4-18 ili kak 
yego tam, proinstallirovan, eto chto-to znachit, ili gde?

> Did configure find it? Does it
> present in config.h (here must be #define HAVE_LUA line, or like it)?
Need to check these when will be recompiling with somewhat bigger addition 
..... eh-ma!

> > it works pretty strange for me: "selection" is made while
> > left-button-pressed "dragging" over a text line, inverting the entire
> > line of text, then returns to normal non-inverted text as soon as the
> > cursor off that line. Pasting it into Search form results in search
> > function never finds it on the same very page it was taken from.
> It's a quick hack, currently it is possible to select only logical parts
> of text (it is connected with internal representation of rendered page,
> you can select or not only whole text of g_object_text... Current behavior
> is as follows (at least for me...) - you press left button, drag it
> pressed over all text elements you want to select. These text will stay
> inverted while you drag the mouse, and thet it will return to original
> look, and in this moment text is copied to clipboard. In reply to your
> previous post - configuration for clipboard encoding is in "Misc. Options"
> submenu, near bookmark file encoding configuration. Selection (in such
> castrated form ;-)) works for me, at least when I paste it into text
> editor. And what about the search... As I've  just discovered Ludvik
> Tezar's patch has a big troubles with pasting of non-latin symbols into
> links ;-((. For English text 'copy-paste-back-and-search' seems to work
> OK.
...... (other than his patch was meant to work with URLs, that is, those old 
ones first 128 ASCII symbols -- no comment. Only hope you'll continue with 
this one)
> > One bugfix that didn't go too far even in pre7 was an attempt to adjust
> > for illegal M$ Windows using of apostrophes, quote signs, and the like:
> > current Links puts asterisks instead of those. Could it be mended?
> I can't say anything about - didn't even look into  these parts of links
> code...
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obraztsa 1976-go goda vypechki, odno vremya dazhe kakoy-to naukoy zanimalsya 
-- tak interesno bylo..... hehe. Not anymore!)
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