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Sergey Karpov karpov at sai.msu.su
Sat Nov 30 18:48:34 PST 2002

Hi all!

> I use Privoxy with Links (and everything else). On Lenta.ru, a default
> banner/image blocking set of options blocks 99 % of advertising (these images
> are replaced by 1 bit 1x1 stretched pixel checkboard pattern, which starts
> boring me, will probably replace it with my Links logo (="system font") On
> some other commercial sites Privoxy blocks even "legal" pictures if there's
> some obscure redirection pattern associated to them. So, I'm not so sure how
> selective your blocking feature might be compared to a local "smart" proxy
> server.

It was easier for me to implement it into links code - when I coded this
part I had a very slow machine, and a lot of unnecessary DNS calls and
proxy connections were critical ;-)

> It's kinda you have all the time you might need to port it. That is, before
> anyone else did it, as people around Links seem to be very much concerned
> about this "featurette" (In my opinion, a better support of javascript, of
> plugins/helper applications/mime types, plus some basic CSS compliance would
> be of much greater importance for Links.)

Has anyone even tried to add anything from your list to links? As I see
now all the development is inside Elinks stream...

> didn't work for me yet.... Or did I do something wrong? There's TWO "File
> extensions" (Rasshireniya failov) options though in my Setup menu, I wonder
> where those come from?

It was just a cloned line 2029 in menu.c...

> these work great, especially Stop ;-). Still, need to untie them from ugly
> symbols like "<-" AND Latin letters like R B S (these might be shortcuts,
> that's OK, but imagine I'm an Arab who doesn't like this infidels' crap on my
> inshallah localized guerilla browser? What does it take for you to re-code
> these to point on just PNG images of these very symbols (or any symbols, as I
> press my case with specially cut arrows, stop- and reload- and home-signs)?

It's possible if you implement your icons as a symbols inside, for
example, as 000?.png in system/font. Then you can simply replace
current symbols in draw_title() function (view_gr.c) with it.

> Anyway, that your/Lua's "gg:<your-query>" in an address field which, in turn,
> you don't see in the first place and need to invoke every time is for me like
> in an old Russian saying: "Гланды через задницу рвать": too much hassle.
> Besides, what's wrong with keeping type-in forms for URL address (and later,
> maybe, for Googlesearch) available all the time? Like about 2 weeks ago I
> suggested to render every Web page as a lower left frame in Links, with a
> sidebar right frame consisting of clickable bookmarks list (option: Google
> search window; Bugzilla; whatever), and top frame having these
> URL/Googlesearch forms visible and even with default focus (blinking cursor)
> in URL address form, pseudo-button [Go!], Menu headers (visible all the
> time....), plus these minimal, poorman's navigational controls. What's wrong
> with that? If you for some obscure reason need a more castrated version (like
> no Forward arrow, no History drop-down lists, no Home button, it's OK, just
> make it as setup menu options unchecked.

It is very difficult to implement in current links - so-called
'bfu-technology' doesn't provide such possibilities, IMHO. And it is
useless at least for me - the great advantage of links is what I don't
worry about 'which of these fields are focused now?' Current LUA concept
of prefixes is much more powerful and useful I think - you can use an
infinite number of search engines with only one input field ;-)

> On you "inverted" status line: I'd prefer variable (non-monowidth) font there,
> and it'd better be bold, too. Talking about dl status bar meter: Czech guys
> have that Shepherd network monitor, how about hacking it into one more frame
> for Links, to show the downloading process in real time?

Ok, variable font implemented. You can download it from the same url as

> > > > - Some small but useful improvements - support for <small> and <big>
> > > > tags,
> > >
> > > what are those doing, when supported?
> >
> > Changing font size, of course!
> uh.... maybe there were some problems with these, but I believe I never
> stumbled upon them.

They are in html-4 standard at least... And <small> is in use on one site
I use - www.astronet.ru... Really, for this site I need to implement
our home-made tag <tex> to incorporate TeX formulas into HTML. Maybe
anybody know FAST way to render LaTeX from C code?..

> Italics badly need to be better kerned! I don't know what did you use to cut
> PNGs, suppose it was Gimp or the like, now every glyph needs to have its
> right side ("tail") closely shaved off: some letters (like "p") have extra 6
> pixels we need to get rid of, some letters allow only 2 or 3 (like "g"),
> these must be retouched...  On the Century-Schoolbook I'd say Schoolbook in
> general is a very sorrowful accident with mediocre readabilty Links got
> caught into; me and Cliff are preparing Titus Unicode and Cheltenham and
> Cyberbit CJK, then maybe Espy to replace this disaster)

I'm too lazy to do it by hands - all these fonts were generated by
'official' scripts form graphics/ directory. But if you have correct

> there were some bugfixes since, not many, but the bugs were of very annoying
> kind.

I hope I backported all major changes from latest versions. Or I've missed

> LOL! Гиннесс Экстра Стаут есть зримая ВЕЩЧЬ супротив всяких "Ячменных
> Коллапсов (Колосов)", это да.... As for Staropramen, I'd rather have Pilsner
> Urquell (Plzenski Prazdroj).

Нее, Экстра Стаут - отстой, вот Драфт, да в ирландском пабе - это вещь!..
Как давно это было... В России такого не найдешь...

					Sergey Karpov

Eo quod in multa sapienta multa sit indignatio et qui addit scientiam
addat et laborem (Vulgate, Eccl 1:18)

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