[links-list] Re: Graphical Links with extra features

Sergey Karpov karpov at sai.msu.su
Sat Nov 30 18:06:58 PST 2002

> > > Privet again, Sergey!

Dobroe utro!

> so, how do I configure it to allow for Lua?

Have you LUA installed on your machine? Did configure find it? Does it
present in config.h (here must be #define HAVE_LUA line, or like it)?

> it works pretty strange for me: "selection" is made while left-button-pressed
> "dragging" over a text line, inverting the entire line of text, then returns
> to normal non-inverted text as soon as the cursor off that line. Pasting it
> into Search form results in search function never finds it on the same very
> page it was taken from.

It's a quick hack, currently it is possible to select only logical parts
of text (it is connected with internal representation of rendered page,
you can select or not only whole text of g_object_text... Current behavior
is as follows (at least for me...) - you press left button, drag it
pressed over all text elements you want to select. These text will stay
inverted while you drag the mouse, and thet it will return to original
look, and in this moment text is copied to clipboard. In reply to your
previous post - configuration for clipboard encoding is in "Misc. Options"
submenu, near bookmark file encoding configuration. Selection (in such
castrated form ;-)) works for me, at least when I paste it into text
editor. And what about the search... As I've  just discovered Ludvik
Tezar's patch has a big troubles with pasting of non-latin symbols into
links ;-((. For English text 'copy-paste-back-and-search' seems to work

> One bugfix that didn't go too far even in pre7 was an attempt to adjust for
> illegal M$ Windows using of apostrophes, quote signs, and the like: current
> Links puts asterisks instead of those. Could it be mended?

I can't say anything about - didn't even look into  these parts of links

> Vsyacheskikh uspekhov!

Vam togo zhe!

				Sergey Karpov

Eo quod in multa sapienta multa sit indignatio et qui addit scientiam
addat et laborem (Vulgate, Eccl 1:18)

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