[links-list] Re: Graphical Links with extra features

aludal aludal at softhome.net
Sat Nov 30 17:55:02 PST 2002

> > Privet again, Sergey!
Forgot coupla things:

> > > - Lua scripting - ported from Links-Lua, not from current elinks code,
> > > but the differences are not so sensitive, I hope.
> >
> > Great!
so, how do I configure it to allow for Lua?
> > > - Some kind of selection for rendered text - it's just a quick hack
> > > really. Now it is possible to select-and-copy-to-clipboard text
> > > line-by-line - you just press left mouse button and move it over text
> > > parts (really - over g_object_text structures) you want. These parts
> > > are visually selected (invert style) of course during the selection. As
> > > the internal text representation is UTF-8, there is a config option
> > > (accessible through setup menu) to select codepage for clipboard. This
> > > sort of selection looks strange for the first time, but it works and is
> > > very useful sometimes. -
> >
> > gotta have this one ASAP!
it works pretty strange for me: "selection" is made while left-button-pressed 
"dragging" over a text line, inverting the entire line of text, then returns 
to normal non-inverted text as soon as the cursor off that line. Pasting it 
into Search form results in search function never finds it on the same very 
page it was taken from.

> The answer is very simple - It was the current one when I start this
> hacking... And following releases had not any significant features added,
> so I prefer to port their small changes into my already existing code...
> It will be great if someone transform it to set of panches against latest
> 'official' release... I haven't any time for that, really.
One bugfix that didn't go too far even in pre7 was an attempt to adjust for 
illegal M$ Windows using of apostrophes, quote signs, and the like: current 
Links puts asterisks instead of those. Could it be mended?

Vsyacheskikh uspekhov!


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