[links-list] Re: Graphical Links with extra features

William Yodlowsky wyodlows at andromeda.rutgers.edu
Sat Nov 30 17:36:02 PST 2002

aludal <aludal at softhome.net> wrote:

> Privet, Sergey!
> > Would you be so kind to forward this post to the 'links-list' mailing
> > list?
> I most certainly will, that's a big contribution of yours, thanx a lot. On 
> second thought, you might post your very useful stuff to that 
> links-list at linuxfromscratch.org yourself directly, just register, and you've 
> done. The list has a limit of 60-80 kByte per post though, so longer hacks 
> are not allowed. Also, Cliff's Sourceforge workshop on Links might be a 
> better harbor for "unsolicited" hacks. Some of my questions and discussion 
> below, please.
> > Thank you.
> >
> > -------------------------------------


> > - HTTP Auth - stable, ported form Elinks
> this one even greater feat! Czech guys might accept it in their main trunk.


This was the only feature posted that I really wanted (on top of the
other stuff addressed by the previous big patch  ;-) so I took the time
to split http auth out into its own patch against 2.1pre7.

Attached is the "jumbo" patch and auth.c.  To apply:

cd links-2.1pre7
patch < ~/http_auth.patch
cp ~/auth.c .
./configure --whatever-options-you-normally-use

It appears to work, even with the copy and paste patch posted a short
while back... every day I find new reasons not to use a different
browser  :-)

THANKS VERY MUCH Sergey for doing the work and aludal for forwarding it
for others to (ab)use  :-)

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