[links-list] Re: Graphical Links with extra features

aludal aludal at softhome.net
Sat Nov 30 16:32:32 PST 2002

Dobrogo utrechka, Sergey!
> Hi all!
> > > - Lua scripting - ported from Links-Lua, not from current elinks code,
> > > but the differences are not so sensitive, I hope.
> >
> > Great!
> >
> > > - HTTP Auth - stable, ported form Elinks
> >
> > this one even greater feat! Czech guys might accept it in their main
> > trunk.
as it happened -- most probably they won't: too serious coding purists they 

> > > - Blocking of images - my own code ;-). You may block images containing
> > > 	given
> > > 	substring (of course, it is better to use regexps, but this way is
> > >         more portable). Just press '-' to edit the list of blocked
> > > patterns. Info is saved to main config file.
> >
> > .....hmmm, not sure about this one. A (second) instance of non-graphical
> > Links could probably work better. Anyway, nice to see here a good feature
> > available mostly to the BIG browsers.
> Usually pages I visit contain a mix of useful and non-useful images (like
> lenta.ru and even freshmeat.net), and this feature isuseful at least for
> me ;-)
I use Privoxy with Links (and everything else). On Lenta.ru, a default 
banner/image blocking set of options blocks 99 % of advertising (these images 
are replaced by 1 bit 1x1 stretched pixel checkboard pattern, which starts 
boring me, will probably replace it with my Links logo (="system font") On 
some other commercial sites Privoxy blocks even "legal" pictures if there's 
some obscure redirection pattern associated to them. So, I'm not so sure how 
selective your blocking feature might be compared to a local "smart" proxy 

> > > - Cookies saving - simply saving, as I'm too lazy (and I really don't
> > > need it) to port from Elinks correct http header parsing...
> >
> > ....was there any problem with"plain" cookie saving, ever?
> The problem is that current links code incorrectly parse http header date
> (and so these cookies will have incorrect expiration date):
> time_t parse_http_date(const char *date)	/* this functions is bad
> !!! */
> Elinks has correct code, but I haven't time to port it...
It's kinda you have all the time you might need to port it. That is, before 
anyone else did it, as people around Links seem to be very much concerned 
about this "featurette" (In my opinion, a better support of javascript, of 
plugins/helper applications/mime types, plus some basic CSS compliance would 
be of much greater importance for Links.)

> > > - Possibility to open new windows instead of new links instances in
> > > graphics mode - new socket is created with name 'glinks' in links dir,
> > > instead of 'links' for text instances, so they can work independently.
> >
> > Great! See above my proposition about imageless "links" instances.
> In any case it is still impossible to interact between graphical and
> non-graphical links - now they simply use different sockets... Really my
> code is bad, but for me it is better than nothing...
I don't mind if some feature is just plain missing in non-graphical Links: I 
use elinks instead whenever I want just plain text from say, lib.ru.
But I also wouldn't mind a menu-driven right-click option to open 
non-graphical Links in new window, too (that is, adding that one to an 
existing option of opening a link in grapical Links)

> > > After that command 'links -g' works like 'mozilla -remote', simply
> > > opening new instances from currently running one. But it has some
> > > limitations - these new windows will open on the same display as
> > > original one... - Url copying - some code from Ludvik Tezar' patch, but
> > > the backend is organized more cleanly - there are two additional fields
> > > in struct graphics_driver - put_to_clipboard and get_from_clipboard.
> > > Only X11 backend is functional now, as I don't use others ;-)
> >
> > Great! that toy must be included in the main trunk.
> >
> > > - Some kind of selection for rendered text - it's just a quick hack
> > > really. Now it is possible to select-and-copy-to-clipboard text
> > > line-by-line - you just press left mouse button and move it over text
> > > parts (really - over g_object_text structures) you want. These parts
> > > are visually selected (invert style) of course during the selection. As
> > > the internal text representation is UTF-8, there is a config option
> > > (accessible through setup menu) to select codepage for clipboard. This
> > > sort of selection looks strange for the first time, but it works and is
> > > very useful sometimes. -
didn't work for me yet.... Or did I do something wrong? There's TWO "File 
extensions" (Rasshireniya failov) options though in my Setup menu, I wonder 
where those come from?

> > > Extended 'toolbar' - there are currently back '<-', reload 'R',
> > > bookmarks 'B' and kill-all-connections 'S' buttons. Last function has
> > > also a shortcut - 'a'. It kills ALL (not only background) connections.
these work great, especially Stop ;-). Still, need to untie them from ugly 
symbols like "<-" AND Latin letters like R B S (these might be shortcuts, 
that's OK, but imagine I'm an Arab who doesn't like this infidels' crap on my 
inshallah localized guerilla browser? What does it take for you to re-code 
these to point on just PNG images of these very symbols (or any symbols, as I 
press my case with specially cut arrows, stop- and reload- and home-signs)?
> > Let's discuss this one in more detail, please.
> > You might have seen my attempt to propose a similar hack in the
> > links-list archives a while ago. The essence of it goes like this:
> > I need a navigation line consisting of (from left to right)
> > < [Back] - [emdash; Back history] X [Stop; maybe "S" could be useful,
> > too, for different levels of kills] - [emdash; Forward history] >
> > [Forward] R [Reload; Shift/Ctrl/Meta Reload clears cache, or something] H
> > [Home] URL____________ [plain form for URL address' typein]
> > Googlesearch______________________ [one more form] Go! [a single button
> > for both forms]. It seems quite logical to me, to have this minimalist
> > set of navigation controls. Also, I'd rather have these controls
> > referenced in the code NOT as "<-", ">" "S", etc. symbols, but as their
> > PNG images: 003d.png, etc. This one I need because I cut much nicer
> > navigation symbols than stock letters.
> I'm not sure I need SO "extended" toolbar... Google search much more
> simple to implement through lua: just enter gg:<your-query> in address
> field...
lua didn't compile on me.... Or should I add some configuration option?
Anyway, that your/Lua's "gg:<your-query>" in an address field which, in turn,  
you don't see in the first place and need to invoke every time is for me like 
in an old Russian saying: "Гланды через задницу рвать": too much hassle.
Besides, what's wrong with keeping type-in forms for URL address (and later, 
maybe, for Googlesearch) available all the time? Like about 2 weeks ago I 
suggested to render every Web page as a lower left frame in Links, with a 
sidebar right frame consisting of clickable bookmarks list (option: Google 
search window; Bugzilla; whatever), and top frame having these 
URL/Googlesearch forms visible and even with default focus (blinking cursor) 
in URL address form, pseudo-button [Go!], Menu headers (visible all the 
time....), plus these minimal, poorman's navigational controls. What's wrong 
with that? If you for some obscure reason need a more castrated version (like 
no Forward arrow, no History drop-down lists, no Home button, it's OK, just 
make it as setup menu options unchecked.

> > > Also, ugly
> > > 'classical' black-bar-on-white status bar was fixed ;-))

> > hehe.... good, too. Congrats!
Oh yeah, that's nice.... Speaking of ugliness, guys forgot to make a user 
option out of default Web page background when there's none indicated, so it 
took me a dirty hack: In default.c line 1016 (or whatever it is in pre1) must 
read --

struct rgb default_bg_g = { 255, 249, 220 };

instead of ...{ 192,192,192 };
On you "inverted" status line: I'd prefer variable (non-monowidth) font there, 
and it'd better be bold, too. Talking about dl status bar meter: Czech guys 
have that Shepherd network monitor, how about hacking it into one more frame 
for Links, to show the downloading process in real time?

> > On the status bar presentations: I believe the same hooks which produce
> > "on-hover" information in the status bar could be also used to change
> > cursor shape to a finger over a clickable link (I cut couple of fingers
> > specially for Links like couple months ago.... no progress so far).
> Really it is not so difficult... (Except for the fact I don't know how to
> change cursor shape from the code even in X ;-)) We simply need to
> introduce another field to struct graphics_driver and call it from
> g_text_mouse(), for example...
Come on, come on, please do it -- and 3d-looking arrow, and a finger, and a 
finger with wristwatch are already cut and waiting for this glorious moment.

> > > - Some small but useful improvements - support for <small> and <big>
> > > tags,
> >
> > what are those doing, when supported?
> Changing font size, of course!
uh.... maybe there were some problems with these, but I believe I never 
stumbled upon them.

> > > 	keybinding ("i") to turn on/off images, possibility to show HTTP
> > >         header ("|", as in Elinks)
> > > - Extended set of fonts - italic support for variable width fonts, and
> > > 	not-so-ugly-as-currently cyrillic characters set ;-)
Italics badly need to be better kerned! I don't know what did you use to cut 
PNGs, suppose it was Gimp or the like, now every glyph needs to have its 
right side ("tail") closely shaved off: some letters (like "p") have extra 6 
pixels we need to get rid of, some letters allow only 2 or 3 (like "g"), 
these must be retouched...  On the Century-Schoolbook I'd say Schoolbook in 
general is a very sorrowful accident with mediocre readabilty Links got 
caught into; me and Cliff are preparing Titus Unicode and Cheltenham and 
Cyberbit CJK, then maybe Espy to replace this disaster)

> > I need to have a look at this one, as I have a set of my own cutting ;-)
> > Cliff and me are currently preparing a Do-It-Yourself Font-for-Links
> > (ttf2png) utility, so I hope we'll be better font-equipped soon than
> > anything else.
> Where can I get this code? It is very interesting...
from Cliff's Cunnugham's Links site at Sourceforge, I suppose. But it's 
pre-alpha, and we are testing principles and feasibilities of processing 
about 40,000 symbols fonts at a single run. Also, there's nothing ready in 
the realm of post-production rescaling, filtering, hinting, and 

> > > This hacked version of links is available at
> > > http://xray.sai.msu.ru/~karpov/tmp/links-2.1pre1-hacked.tgz
> >
> > hacking against pre1 is somewhat puzzling me... Are the later Links
> > pre-releases really getting worse/less stable, or what?
> The answer is very simple - It was the current one when I start this
> hacking... And following releases had not any significant features added,
> so I prefer to port their small changes into my already existing code...
> It will be great if someone transform it to set of panches against latest
> 'official' release... I haven't any time for that, really.
there were some bugfixes since, not many, but the bugs were of very annoying 

> > Have a Russian Links icon (attached) for your effort, and have some
> > Zhigulyovskoye, too.
> I don't like russian flag, really...
what's wrong with it, LOL! Well, I have a German one, and a Dutch one, pick 
these if you wish....

 And prefer Guinness or Staropramen
LOL! Гиннесс Экстра Стаут есть зримая ВЕЩЧЬ супротив всяких "Ячменных 
Коллапсов (Колосов)", это да.... As for Staropramen, I'd rather have Pilsner 
Urquell (Plzenski Prazdroj). 
> ;-))

Keep on good work, Seryozha!

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