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Sergey Karpov karpov at sai.msu.su
Sat Nov 30 04:13:10 PST 2002

On Fri, 29 Nov 2002, aludal wrote:

> Privet, Sergey!

Hi all!

> > - Lua scripting - ported from Links-Lua, not from current elinks code, but
> > 	the differences are not so sensitive, I hope.
> Great!
> > - HTTP Auth - stable, ported form Elinks
> this one even greater feat! Czech guys might accept it in their main trunk.
> > - Blocking of images - my own code ;-). You may block images containing
> > 	given
> > 	substring (of course, it is better to use regexps, but this way is
> >         more portable). Just press '-' to edit the list of blocked
> > patterns. Info is saved to main config file.
> .....hmmm, not sure about this one. A (second) instance of non-graphical Links
> could probably work better. Anyway, nice to see here a good feature available
> mostly to the BIG browsers.

Usually pages I visit contain a mix of useful and non-useful images (like
lenta.ru and even freshmeat.net), and this feature isuseful at least for
me ;-)
> > - Cookies saving - simply saving, as I'm too lazy (and I really don't need
> > 	it) to port from Elinks correct http header parsing...
> ....was there any problem with"plain" cookie saving, ever?

The problem is that current links code incorrectly parse http header date
(and so these cookies will have incorrect expiration date):

time_t parse_http_date(const char *date)	/* this functions is bad
!!! */

Elinks has correct code, but I haven't time to port it...

> > - Possibility to open new windows instead of new links instances in
> > graphics mode - new socket is created with name 'glinks' in links dir,
> > instead of 'links' for text instances, so they can work independently.
> Great! See above my proposition about imageless "links" instances.

In any case it is still impossible to interact between graphical and
non-graphical links - now they simply use different sockets... Really my
code is bad, but for me it is better than nothing...

> > After that command 'links -g' works like 'mozilla -remote', simply opening
> > new instances from currently running one. But it has some limitations -
> > these new windows will open on the same display as original one... - Url
> > copying - some code from Ludvik Tezar' patch, but the backend is organized
> > more cleanly - there are two additional fields in struct graphics_driver -
> > put_to_clipboard and get_from_clipboard. Only X11 backend is functional
> > now, as I don't use others ;-)
> Great! that toy must be included in the main trunk.
> > - Some kind of selection for rendered text - it's just a quick hack really.
> > Now it is possible to select-and-copy-to-clipboard text line-by-line - you
> > just press left mouse button and move it over text parts (really - over
> > g_object_text structures) you want. These parts are visually selected
> > (invert style) of course during the selection. As the internal text
> > representation is UTF-8, there is a config option (accessible through setup
> > menu) to select codepage for clipboard. This sort of selection looks
> > strange for the first time, but it works and is very useful sometimes. -
> gotta have this one ASAP!
> > Extended 'toolbar' - there are currently back '<-', reload 'R', bookmarks
> > 'B' and kill-all-connections 'S' buttons. Last function has also a shortcut
> > - 'a'. It kills ALL (not only background) connections.
> Let's discuss this one in more detail, please.
> You might have seen my attempt to propose a similar hack in the links-list
> archives a while ago. The essence of it goes like this:
> I need a navigation line consisting of (from left to right)
> < [Back] - [emdash; Back history] X [Stop; maybe "S" could be useful, too, for
> different levels of kills] - [emdash; Forward history] > [Forward] R [Reload;
> Shift/Ctrl/Meta Reload clears cache, or something] H [Home] URL____________
> [plain form for URL address' typein] Googlesearch______________________ [one
> more form] Go! [a single button for both forms]. It seems quite logical to
> me, to have this minimalist set of navigation controls. Also, I'd rather have
> these controls referenced in the code NOT as "<-", ">" "S", etc. symbols, but
> as their PNG images: 003d.png, etc. This one I need because I cut much nicer
> navigation symbols than stock letters.

I'm not sure I need SO "extended" toolbar... Google search much more
simple to implement through lua: just enter gg:<your-query> in address

> > Also, ugly
> > 'classical' black-bar-on-white status bar was fixed ;-))
> hehe.... good, too. Congrats!
> On the status bar presentations: I believe the same hooks which produce
> "on-hover" information in the status bar could be also used to change cursor
> shape to a finger over a clickable link (I cut couple of fingers specially
> for Links like couple months ago.... no progress so far).

Really it is not so difficult... (Except for the fact I don't know how to
change cursor shape from the code even in X ;-)) We simply need to
introduce another field to struct graphics_driver and call it from
g_text_mouse(), for example...

> > - Some small but useful improvements - support for <small> and <big> tags,
> what are those doing, when supported?

Changing font size, of course!

> > 	keybinding ("i") to turn on/off images, possibility to show HTTP
> >         header ("|", as in Elinks)
> > - Extended set of fonts - italic support for variable width fonts, and
> > 	not-so-ugly-as-currently cyrillic characters set ;-)
> I need to have a look at this one, as I have a set of my own cutting ;-)
> Cliff and me are currently preparing a Do-It-Yourself Font-for-Links (ttf2png)
> utility, so I hope we'll be better font-equipped soon than anything else.

Where can I get this code? It is very interesting...

> > This hacked version of links is available at
> > http://xray.sai.msu.ru/~karpov/tmp/links-2.1pre1-hacked.tgz
> hacking against pre1 is somewhat puzzling me... Are the later Links
> pre-releases really getting worse/less stable, or what?

The answer is very simple - It was the current one when I start this
hacking... And following releases had not any significant features added,
so I prefer to port their small changes into my already existing code...
It will be great if someone transform it to set of panches against latest
'official' release... I haven't any time for that, really.

> Have a Russian Links icon (attached) for your effort, and have some
> Zhigulyovskoye, too.

I don't like russian flag, really... And prefer Guinness or Staropramen

> AU

				Sergey Karpov

Eo quod in multa sapienta multa sit indignatio et qui addit scientiam
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