[links-list] [ANNOUNCE] elinks-0.4pre20

Petr Baudis pasky at ucw.cz
Fri Nov 29 18:33:00 PST 2002


  this release is mainly about various optimizations, which could possibly make
ELinks faster ;-) - obviously some other things are going along these. Please
test and tell me your experience. Note that we are also sometimes more strict
by now, and the optimizations are sometimes very heavy; that can result in some
instability and problems we possibly missed - please report us any problems you
will catch. Also, we would be grateful if you would try to run this ELinks in a
debug mode (compile with --enable-debug) - this will make ELinks slower, but
much more runtime checking will be done and ELinks will warn you about many
possible errors - please tell us about those warnings as well. Thanks..

  Options *WON'T* change anymore without breaking backwards compatibility (so,
if some option will relocate, alias will be kept in the previous place for some
time), unless something really shocking will happen.. ;-)

  Unfortunately, before release another thing should be done it looks -
currently, the SSL support is kind of er, plain; this gives user the False
Sense of Security, as we don't check if certificates are OK at all, we don't
allow to view them, we don't allow user to specify own SSL-related stuff etc.
And after talking with various people it looks that we should fix this ASAP.
If someone would help me with this, I'd be really glad.

  If this ELinks will crash to you, *PLEASE* let me know, with backtrace and
descrpition of the thing you did when it crashed, if possible (if you can
reproduce it, even better!).

  So, the main changes in elinks-0.4pre20 are:

* Fixed pathological realloc behaviour when retrying when memory is full
* Fixed terrible performance hog caused by many NUL characters in HTML source

* More extensive and paranoid testing for NULL return values etc
* Facilities for much more verbose, paranoid and annoying warnings ;)
* DUMMY pointers were blasted off by zas-grade laserguns
* Heavy optimiations - inlining, useless tests and function calls removed,
  profiling, get_cp_index() functionality restriction, ...

* You can let ELinks to display page titles instead of URLs in global
  history dialog (also document.history.global.display_type)
* Optional supports for dialogs dropping shadows (ui.shadows)
* Added back the support for cycling in menus ;) - now, pgup/pgdown don't
  trigger it anymore, though
* Added documentation for Lua support (texinfo format)

* Reduced default maximal globhist size from 4096 to 1024
* By default, we ignore caching policy declared by server now

* Czech translation updates

  Please see ChangeLog for full list of changes and credits (together with

  As usual, the ELinks itself may be now found at http://elinks.or.cz/.

PS: Again, you're welcomed to join #elinks at irc.openprojects.net, if you
want to see ELinks developers alive! :)

PPS: Please use

$ cvs -z3 -d :pserver:anonymous at cvs.elinks.or.cz:/var/cvs/elinks co elinks

for getting CVS version of ELinks from now. It's rsync'd each 15 mins.

  Still happy cores generating and bugs reporting,

				Petr "Pasky" Baudis
> I don't know why people still want ACL's. There were noises about them for
> samba, but I'v enot heard anything since. Are vendors using this?
Because People Are Stupid(tm).  Because it's cheaper to put "ACL support: yes"
in the feature list under "Security" than to make sure than userland can cope
with anything more complex than  "Me Og.  Og see directory.  Directory Og's.
Nobody change it".  C.f. snake oil, P.T.Barnum and esp. LSM users
        -- Al Viro
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