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Petr Baudis pasky at ucw.cz
Fri Nov 29 09:12:12 PST 2002

Dear diary, on Fri, Nov 29, 2002 at 04:32:12PM CET, I got a letter,
where Karel Kulhavy <clock at atrey.karlin.mff.cuni.cz> told me, that...
> Pasky, when will be the graphical elinks available?

Uhmm... well, I can't tell you any accurate date. I'm generally very bad in
time predictions, which frequently have extremely high offset (to the both
sides) from the real time ;-). However graphics support isn't understood as a
vital target of ELinks right now; we want to rewrite and generalize the HTML
parser first and change other things - with graphics support in mind, but we
consider things like EcmaScript or CSS more important - there's a gap in the
"market" of text browsers in this area, and we would like to fill it; on the
other side, the realm of graphical browsers is relatively saturated already.

Kind regards,

				Petr "Pasky" Baudis
> I don't know why people still want ACL's. There were noises about them for
> samba, but I'v enot heard anything since. Are vendors using this?
Because People Are Stupid(tm).  Because it's cheaper to put "ACL support: yes"
in the feature list under "Security" than to make sure than userland can cope
with anything more complex than  "Me Og.  Og see directory.  Directory Og's.
Nobody change it".  C.f. snake oil, P.T.Barnum and esp. LSM users
        -- Al Viro
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