[links-list] Re: Few fixes of copy/paste in links -g under X11

Ludvik Tesar tesar at mee.tcd.ie
Thu Nov 28 04:05:28 PST 2002

Hi Alexander,

I will try to give you answers to your questions.

On Wed, 27 Nov 2002, aludal wrote:
> Now couple of questions:
> 1) is your patch additive, that is, applicable over a recent patch on "Copy 
> URL...." and "paste it to the /dev/null", so to speak? or I need clean 
> sources? Here, you're also talking about a new version of the patch which 
> might be "additive", is it true for your "...lt217-3..." version, or we need 
> to wait a little bit more?

No, it is not additive. I made the new patch applicable again to the 
original links-2.1pre7 (see "Recommended way to use it"). If you already 
applied my original patch and made some other modifications, than it might 
be awkward for you to merge these two patches. In this case, I could make 
incremental patch for you. But I plan to make a new patch comming from 
links-2.1pre8, whenever the new version of links arise.

> 2) I didn't get it loud and clear, sorry: Is "non-URL text" selectable now?
> The right-click drop-down menu badly needs something like "Search in Google", 
> or the like.

No, it is not working for "non-URL text" selection. This is what I mean by 
"non-working full text selections of rendered html document". It would, 
definitely be possible to implement, I think, but it is not done yet. It 
would need hacking into parts of source code, that I don't understand yet.
Ideally it should be selectable by left-mouse-dragging, highlight the 
selection and copy it, whenever the left-mouse button was released. It is 
how it works in Xwindows applications. However, if this is going to seem
impossible, then some other way will definitely be possible.

> Thank you, and have a Prazdroi,

BTW, although I am Czech and I live in Ireland, I don't drink beer. That 
is  neither Prazdroj, Budvar(Budweiser), Staropramen, Radegast, nor 
Guinness, Kilkenny, Beamish or Smithwicks. Maybe occassionally I can have one or 
two pints, but I prefer something else, like for example wine.


> > I have already sent some patch adressing copying in links -g under X11.
> > Now, I fixed also pasting and I am sending patch of links-2.1pre7 for both
> > these things together. Petr Kulhavy wrote me, that he have taken my
> > previous patch, and it will appear in the next "pre" release. Because this
> > patch is superset of the previous patch, I thing he might have
> > difficulties to apply the new patch, once the previous one is included.
> > It is why, I am going to produce the new patch for the new version, as
> > soon as it appears. However, if somebody wants to have these features in
> > pre7 already, then they are welcome to use it.
> >
> > It patches against links-2.1pre7
> >
> > Patch location: http://papabois.mee.tcd.ie/~tesar/links-lt217new.diff
> >
> > Recommended way to use it:
> >
> > tar -xzf links-2.1pre7.tar.gz
> > patch -p0 <links-lt217new.diff
> > cd links-2.1pre7/intl
> > ./synclang
> > cd ..
> > ./configure --enable-javascript --enable-graphics
> > make
> > ./links -g
> >
> > Issues fixed by this patch:
> >
> > 1) Implemented clipboard manipulation functions (copy/paste) for X
> > Windows. Clipboard starts to work everywhere where links make use of it:
> > Up to now it is only copying and pasting into forms and dialogs. (Already
> > existing) shortcuts are Ctrl-Z and Ctrl-V,the other shortcuts Ctrl-Ins
> > and Shift-Ins unfortunately do not work in X Windows.
> > Full text selection of html-rendered document is still not working.
> >
> > 2) added support for copying of current URL and URL of the link into
> > clipboard.
> > Usage: from menu choose "File"->"Copy URL location"; click on the link
> > by the right-hand side button and select "Copy link location".
> > Makes sense only in XWindows and in OS/2 where clipboard manipulation
> > is implemented. But I was not able to test it in OS/2, so I did not
> > activate it there, not to make some mess.
> >
> > 3) fixed pasting into forms and dialogs (fixed for all platforms which
> > have copy/paste implemented, not only in X Windows). Previously it was
> > overwriting the whole form item or whole the text of dialog, now it is
> > inserting the clipboard contents onto the cursor position.
> > The shortcut is: Ctrl-V. Also there is shortcut Shift-Ins, which
> > does not work in X Windows.
> >
> > 4) removed broken old-style support for pasting in X Windows. The problem
> > was, that it was pasting on the low-level, i.e. pasted letters might
> > be interpreted as shortcuts in links making complete mess in links setup.
> > Desired behaviour is to paste in forms and dialogs only. So,
> > Shift-Middle-Mouse-Button generates Ctrl-V now, which
> > is correctly interpreted in bfu.c and view.c.
> >
> > Enjoy,
> >
> > Ludvik
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