[links-list] Re: Few fixes of copy/paste in links -g under X11

aludal aludal at softhome.net
Wed Nov 27 19:53:52 PST 2002

Hi Ludvik,

It's Alexander Udalov, an old fontcutter for Links sending his thanks for your 
work/hack/great job.

It's a great pleasure to see something done against these odds:
1) "it won't work at all, in Links", or
2) "it may work, but only under OS/2 Warp on Sun SPARC 2000 stations of '88 
year of release", or similar moronic crapscheisse.

Now couple of questions:
1) is your patch additive, that is, applicable over a recent patch on "Copy 
URL...." and "paste it to the /dev/null", so to speak? or I need clean 
sources? Here, you're also talking about a new version of the patch which 
might be "additive", is it true for your "...lt217-3..." version, or we need 
to wait a little bit more?

2) I didn't get it loud and clear, sorry: Is "non-URL text" selectable now?
The right-click drop-down menu badly needs something like "Search in Google", 
or the like.

Thank you, and have a Prazdroi,
> I have already sent some patch adressing copying in links -g under X11.
> Now, I fixed also pasting and I am sending patch of links-2.1pre7 for both
> these things together. Petr Kulhavy wrote me, that he have taken my
> previous patch, and it will appear in the next "pre" release. Because this
> patch is superset of the previous patch, I thing he might have
> difficulties to apply the new patch, once the previous one is included.
> It is why, I am going to produce the new patch for the new version, as
> soon as it appears. However, if somebody wants to have these features in
> pre7 already, then they are welcome to use it.
> It patches against links-2.1pre7
> Patch location: http://papabois.mee.tcd.ie/~tesar/links-lt217new.diff
> Recommended way to use it:
> tar -xzf links-2.1pre7.tar.gz
> patch -p0 <links-lt217new.diff
> cd links-2.1pre7/intl
> ./synclang
> cd ..
> ./configure --enable-javascript --enable-graphics
> make
> ./links -g
> Issues fixed by this patch:
> 1) Implemented clipboard manipulation functions (copy/paste) for X
> Windows. Clipboard starts to work everywhere where links make use of it:
> Up to now it is only copying and pasting into forms and dialogs. (Already
> existing) shortcuts are Ctrl-Z and Ctrl-V,the other shortcuts Ctrl-Ins
> and Shift-Ins unfortunately do not work in X Windows.
> Full text selection of html-rendered document is still not working.
> 2) added support for copying of current URL and URL of the link into
> clipboard.
> Usage: from menu choose "File"->"Copy URL location"; click on the link
> by the right-hand side button and select "Copy link location".
> Makes sense only in XWindows and in OS/2 where clipboard manipulation
> is implemented. But I was not able to test it in OS/2, so I did not
> activate it there, not to make some mess.
> 3) fixed pasting into forms and dialogs (fixed for all platforms which
> have copy/paste implemented, not only in X Windows). Previously it was
> overwriting the whole form item or whole the text of dialog, now it is
> inserting the clipboard contents onto the cursor position.
> The shortcut is: Ctrl-V. Also there is shortcut Shift-Ins, which
> does not work in X Windows.
> 4) removed broken old-style support for pasting in X Windows. The problem
> was, that it was pasting on the low-level, i.e. pasted letters might
> be interpreted as shortcuts in links making complete mess in links setup.
> Desired behaviour is to paste in forms and dialogs only. So,
> Shift-Middle-Mouse-Button generates Ctrl-V now, which
> is correctly interpreted in bfu.c and view.c.
> Enjoy,
> Ludvik

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