[links-list] Re: Few fixes of copy/paste in links -g under X11

Ludvik Tesar tesar at mee.tcd.ie
Tue Nov 26 11:09:41 PST 2002

Hi William,

if you have some problems with synclang, then try this patch:


It is the same as


but it does not need to run synclang after that. The only difference is,
that this patch has 65kB. It is diff'ing all language files in intl 
directory, which is normally generated by synclang. 

Anyway. It seems that synclang needs to be fixed, if it has some problems
on Sun.

Oh. BTW, there is one more difference. You can also paste by pressing 
middle-mouse-button only without shift, which is my preference. I think 
authors of Links prefere this with shift only. It can be changed back 
to author's preference in x.c, line 704:

	if (event.xbutton.state & ShiftMask) 



On Tue, 26 Nov 2002, William Yodlowsky wrote:

> synclang seems to get stuck in a loop and creates a _sync.tmp that grows
> without bound...
> % ./synclang
> Syncing other languages.
> -n belarusian 
> ^C
> % more _sync.tmp 
> , NULL,
> , NULL,
> , NULL,
> , NULL,
> , NULL,
> , NULL,
> , NULL,
> [... and on and on ...]
> I gave it the benefit of the doubt and ended up with several hundred
> megs of ", NULL,".  It never ended until I broke out of it.
> Skipping synclang causes links not to compile at menu.c, however running
> gen-intl followed by configure/make seems to go ok and it works fine for
> me (using English).
> Thanks so much for the patch!

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