[links-list] Re: New version of 'Links now!' button

Josef 'Jupp' Schugt jupp at gmx.de
Sat Nov 23 12:03:16 PST 2002

* On 2002-11-23 17:19
* aludal <aludal at softhome.net> wrote:
> 1. Left part ("L" logo) won't go nicely with the right part: it's
> with colors, whereas 'Links now' part is monochrome, and good for
> PDA's & other mobile crap.

Does anybody use such thingies to surf the web with graphics enabled?
Sounds alien to me...

> So, I'd rather chopped that one in two.

Isn't there some laws that prohibit ripping?
O 8->

> 2. If you'd prefer to keep the old logo there still

I wasn't too hapy with two 'L's. I'd prefer just one

> then you may want to make it more expressive, sort of. Take "L"
> from my logo (attached), cast shadows on the background like you
> did on the German flag, remember?

Hmm. Don't you expect legal issues with Monty Python? The L's shape
strongly ressembles their famous foot...

> 3. Tit for tat: could you please grep this string '<-'  (to be)
> printed on the screen in the links sources for me?

Elementary: That string is printed *nowhere*. Line 958 of "view_gr.c"

g_print_text(drv, dev, 0, 0, bfu_style_bw, " <- ", &z);

Obviously the string printed is ' <- ', not '<-' >;->

Little know facts about UNIX: The name of the 'grep' game.
In ed 'g/re/p' means "globally search for regular expression 're' and
print line". ex is extended ed and vi is a shortcut for starting ex
and then starting the visual (full-screen) mode by entering vi (or
'visual' if you are a typophile). In other words: You can grep
without 'grep' :-)

> 4. Also, I'm trying to pinpoint a bug producing * (asterisk) in
> place of many different quote signs (") and apostrophes ('). It
> looks like faulty codepage translation to me, or something. Did you
> ever noticed that type of rendering in Links, or could you help me
> on this one, too?

Straight quotation signs and ordinary apostrophs? No. Problems arise
with Web pages that use typographic quotation marks and use accents
in place of apostrophs. This typically happens on Web pages that
have been optimized for the Internet Exploiter remote administration
toolkit shipped with Windows (don't confuse this with the 'Outlook
Express' flamewar starting tool that also has built-in remote
administration capabilities). It also happens with some broken German
keyboard layouts that are not DIN compliant (I became aware of this
because some machine didn't accept my password - it happened to
contain an apostroph - the only machine that was supposed to have
German keyboard layout didn't have it...)

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