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В сообщении от 19 Ноябрь 2002 07:58 вы написали:
> * On 2002-11-19 13:33
> * aludal <aludal at softhome.net> wrote:
> > hehe..... But alas, it's everywhere in the Links as undefined
> > backgound. And nobody seems to find where was it hardwired in the
> > first place. Actually, it's very weird: you can change the color of
> > your scrolling slider, but not that Scheissensoldatengrau. Nobody
> > cares, either.
> I'll try to find it...
yeah...., you try this time, as authors themselves couldn't find it. But it's 
a hint, in a way: as they say, there's no such explicit statement in the 
Links sources. So now you know what you'd be looking for: a lacuna. If adding 
a user-configurable default background will prove too complex, "hardwire" it 
to Ueberweiss. Or to fff9dc (nice ancient parchment) -- for me, or show me 
where to manually change what.

> > But I like my Russischkaliforniensilikonentaldeutsch better: it
> > produces such Ueberworten nobody can read.
> 'Silikon' is a material used for breast enlargement, 'Silizium' is
> used to built computers (gives carpet a bite).
lol! It uebersetzes even better than I thought!

> > That was a natural Links-promotional joke: if Links can render a page,
> > anything else can, too, it's obvious.
> Support our <pre> campaing. Only if telnet on port 80 can render it,
> anything can, too.
> > > a) isn't true (text better displays in *elinks*)
> >
> > eh-eh-eh! why and where is that? what exactly makes elinks
> > reproduce better text, tell me? Except for choice of more or less
> > ugly monospace? Even on a letter's outline border level, I don't
> > see any advantages.
> In text mode, links does render links in bold face that makes some of
> my pages look *really* awful.
you just stop using your CGA or whatever museum-quality screen on your pentium 
90 kHz, with your 16 kB RAM, and there would be no awful feelings. I was 
recutting all bolds for 130 and ~100 dpi, not less. For less, don't use 
Century font, use Espy (didn't cut this one yet, though).

> > that's boring obvious.
> My pages only contain what I am interested in. I absolutely don't
> care if other people like my pages.
> > You just use "LATIN LETTER ALVEOLAR CLICK" (absolutely officially
> > un-verboten Unicode character) on your page coupla times, and no
> > other browser can render it right but Links.
> I did grep all pages using pattern '[^\t -~]'. Found literal
> soft-hyphen in some HTMLified man pages. I didn't see them while
> converting the man page, they have now been replaced by minus signs.
> Found non-ASCII characters in page where I recommend the dutch
> keyboard map. They are present on purpose; charset=iso-8859-15 is
> given and correct. Found non-ASCII characters in nmap documentation -
> I don't want to touch those pages.
Links can show you soft-hyphen symbol now, as a nice, greish en-dash. Don't 
know whether any other browser could display that.

> So what are you talking about? I expect that modern browsers support
> encoded (Ӓ) Unicode. Besides that, the charset pages mainly
> exist for testing purposes - to see what characters are supported by
> a certain browser.
so-called modern browsers have the weirdest approaches to Unicode compliance: 
out of their codepages/charsets/charmaps mess. Letter "Dental Click" of 
whatever language has never made it into its own codepage, so no 
"traditional" browser can display it, even those which claim full Unicode 
support. Speaking of codepages legacy, there's still problems even current 
Links can't handle: for example, Cyrillics can be presented in 5 or more 
codepages, remapping them into locale RU-approved koi8 is a conversion not 
without losses, because these other codepages are of different (mostly 
larger) size. Those extended chars beyond a standard locale scope produce 
that "Links" vignette I cut recently. Well, I'm thinking about some 
workaround. The same stuff applies to, say, Japanese with its 3 codepages, 
plus 2 variants(?).

> I don't see any rendering problems in lynx 2.8.4rel1 as well.
find a page in Mac Russian, and the whole hell will break loose for lynx, too.

Alexander Udalov

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