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В сообщении от 18 Ноябрь 2002 10:51 вы написали:
> * On 2002-11-18 00:40
> * aludal <aludal at softhome.net> wrote:
> > Good! Sehr gut, Josef: you've got hooked into
> > "do-it-yourself-Links" game, eh?
> *LOL*
> > While doing 32x32 and especially 16x16 rescaling of a whatever
> > original, please watch letterform "L" deteriorate, so do some
> > retouches.
> Hmm, that's not too easy; my graphics software is xv and gvim. I'll
> look into this.
what sort of quasi-religious purism prevents you using Gimp? or any icon 
editor reading png?

> > yeah.... Even UN blue global nirvana looks too politicized. If the
> > Czech guys won't find where they hardwired their dirty grey
> > background (which is sure bet, as noone searches...) use their
> > soldier-overcoat grey (Soldaten grau) for plaque, it won't hurt
> > anybody's national feelings.
> Militant pacifists may take that color as an insult.
hehe..... But alas, it's everywhere in the Links as undefined backgound. And 
nobody seems to find where was it hardwired in the first place. Actually, 
it's very weird: you can change the color of your scrolling slider, but not 
that Scheissensoldatengrau. Nobody cares, either.

> > Or better, for lettering (like putting "L" or "Links" on it)
> > Menschenaugenpsychofisiologieletzteforschungen
> fisiologie sounds Spanish (I suppose it's rather 'físiologia').
> Physiology becomes Physiologie in German ;-)
sehr gut! But I like my Russischkaliforniensilikonentaldeutsch better: it 
produces such Ueberworten nobody can read.

> > tell us that "raster"-grey would be pretty good (that is,
> > low-contrast interleave of lighter and darker ~10-12 pix wide
> > horizontal strips Apple's Mac-way.
> God gracious, save us from such evil 8-O
Yet Apple owns most eye-pleasing grey backgrounds in the GUI industry.

> > Deutschesbundesstandartendunkleschwarz
> Black is reflection = 0. What is dark black, then?
muss sein -1, oder -10, Ich meine. LOL! Aber es ist fuer "....dunkleschwarz", 
und nicht for "dark black" which may stay at =0, OK.
> > which is obviously ueberverboten to fade, or bleach.
> If you use 'verboten' in a text that contains German and English you
> need to point out if you use it in the English or German sense. In
> German it simply means 'forbidden' whereas in English it means:
> "forbidden usually by authority and often unreasonably"
got that. But my "Ueberferboten" sounds better.

> > "This Web page is better seen with your eyes and Links "Go Links"
> > /"Links" <--- my vignettes buttons, plus your "L/Links Now!" button.
> My homepage has 'Content enhanced - use any browser' 'Lynx inspected'
> and a 'Links now' button (which means that I recommend Links).
That was a natural Links-promotional joke: if Links can render a page, 
anything else can, too, it's obvious.

> But I
> will not add a text reading '...better seen with Links...' because it
> a) isn't true (text better displays in *elinks*)
eh-eh-eh! why and where is that? what exactly makes elinks reproduce better 
text, tell me? Except for choice of more or less ugly monospace? Even on a 
letter's outline border level, I don't see any advantages.

> and b) because I
> don't optimize my pages for a certain browser - I try my best to make
> them independent of a certain browser.
that's boring obvious. You just use "LATIN LETTER ALVEOLAR CLICK" (absolutely 
officially un-verboten Unicode character) on your page coupla times, and no 
other browser can render it right but Links.

> > One question: couldn't find where my KDE produces (and hides) the
> > original 16x16 "Links" icon (the one for topleft Links window
> > corner): lots of them in my ./kde/share/thumbnails, don't know
> > whether it's safe to get rid of earlier days variants....
> I don't have Qt, leave alone KDE. I run IceWM (I used to maintain the
> IceWM faq ;-).
alright..... so you don't know anything about a smaller Links icon on a window 
title, nicht wahr?

Maybe you could be of better luck searching and finding two outputs in Links 
sources: "003c.png" followed by "002d.png" I need to change these into 
something more decent I cut recently: a (mucho) better "Back" arrow. 
Naturally, I cut also matching "Forward", "Stop", "Reload", and "Home" 
symbols, but these latter would take some major messing with Links sources.

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