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aludal aludal at softhome.net
Sun Nov 17 14:22:12 PST 2002

Guten Abend!

> Some window managers like icewm rather use 32x32 and 16x16 icons than
> 48x48 ones. I did therefore create and attach such versions of the
> (original and the German) 48x48 icon.
Good! Sehr gut, Josef: you've got hooked into "do-it-yourself-Links" game, eh?
While doing 32x32 and especially 16x16 rescaling of a whatever original, 
please watch letterform "L" deteriorate, so do some retouches.

 I'm presently working on a
> neutral version that does not show a certain flag.
yeah.... Even UN blue global nirvana looks too politicized. If the Czech guys 
won't find where they hardwired their dirty grey background (which is sure 
bet, as noone searches...) use their soldier-overcoat grey (Soldaten grau) 
for plaque, it won't hurt anybody's national feelings. Or better, for 
lettering (like putting "L" or "Links" on it) 
Menschenaugenpsychofisiologieletzteforschungen tell us that "raster"-grey 
would be pretty good (that is, low-contrast interleave of lighter and darker 
~10-12 pix wide horizontal strips Apple's Mac-way.
> Additionally I did
> attach the 'links now' button I use on my homepage.
Changing color of L-stem doesn't look good: you'd better go back to its 
original black. Try to use my "grey/white" outline trick like I did for your 
flag, whenever you get caught with a black letterbody on a dark/black 
Or, if you zooming out, like to 16x16, leave L-letter black as is (no 
white/grey) outline, but try to lighten/washout green/red/blue backgrounds 
instead. Outlining works better for prescription darks or blacks as bg, like 
Deutschesbundesstandartendunkleschwarz which is obviously ueberverboten to 
fade, or bleach.

Also, have you seen my "Links" mascot ("system font") lately? That is, the 
latest monochrome vignette of "Links" word in 100x100 box? Try this: a 
microbanner that reads "Go Links" where "Links" is that vignette. This banner 
could also be a monochrome (and on grey-stripped bg).
> Comments?
see above. Also, as the tradition holds it, it would be nice to disseminate 
something like this on all Links supporters' pages:
"This Web page is better seen with your eyes and Links "Go Links" /"Links" 
<--- my vignettes buttons, plus your "L/Links Now!" button.

One question: couldn't find where my KDE produces (and hides) the original 
16x16 "Links" icon (the one for topleft Links window corner): lots of them in 
my ./kde/share/thumbnails, don't know whether it's safe to get rid of earlier 
days variants....
> Josef 'Jupp' Schugt

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