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aludal aludal at softhome.net
Sat Nov 16 01:08:05 PST 2002

> >> I don't know of many browsers incorrectly render '<i>'. If physical
> >> layout information says the browser must use *italics* it is
> >> inappropriate to use a *slanted* font instead (as many browsers do) -
> >> italics is more than simply a slanted version of a font.
> >
> > Well on web, you usually don't care that much as on paper. And if
> > you do, you're already using CSS anyway, IMHO.
> This has little to du with to care about or not to care about:
> Italics are more readable than slanted fonts.
Well, as for now, I wish I'd start with slanted Titus first. The best tool to 
accomplish this, the legendary FontChameleon:
was discontinued and banished from the market long ago. Adobe did this. Anyone 
give me a warez link for FontChameleon Pro v. 1.5, please? "Mit 220 flexiblen 
Schriften und schlossende wieder Kursivschriften ein", bitte? It's my main 
Kursivstichel for now, you know...

Have a nice Links!

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