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Fri Nov 15 16:55:24 PST 2002

> > I meant *Strong*ARM 207, or something they use for Linux PDAs (like Sharp
> > Zaurus, or whatever else). It's just my fingers refused to type "Strong"
> > were "WeakARM" is quite proper name.
> Ahum... dont forget how old this StrongARM really is ... its from 1997 (?)
> or so ... if it had a FPU as default oh boy... then it would really be sooo
> much better; but oh well... thats dreaming.
yeah... If unsere Rosie had balls, she would be called Hans...

> > We talk Titus-strong sets of 7000+ chars here, per sang, Reinoud. Can
> > your "gv-supplied" (whatever it might mean; never heard of that foundry)
> > Courier reproduce "Latin Letter Dental Click"? Or a "Feminine Ordinal
> > Indicator" much sought of here recently? Links can now. And it's still
> > well below CJK monster part.
> LOL! i meant the Courier font (type1) that was/is supplied with the
> ghostscript distro hence `gv' for the viewer :-D
> I've looked at the Titus font and downloaded it.... i dont know how they
> will react on the rendered images being distributed though...
Bitstream could certainly sue you if you'd try to render their stuff at 
~3000x5000 pixels for a distribution. Our 60x120 or so could slip through 
unnoticed, I guess. Well, I could add some of my retouch, too. Also, with a 
ttf2png concept proposed here, Bitstream patented hinting tables go right 
down the drain, so no big scare.

> I've found the following alternative font definitions with a Berkley
> licence :
> http://bibliofile.mc.duke.edu/gww/fonts/Unicode.html
> They contain HEAPS of chars might be an interesting option....
I know that one: among other stuff it shows George Williams' Caslon, a 
skeleton (unhinted) font for practicing with his PfaEdit. Retrace/rehint 
these fonts for next 3-4 years, and you'd understamd why Titus is so good.

> > vertical offsets/pseudohinting of CJK, it's too much of esoteric science
> > even for such big type houses as Bitstream, so they just have just bought
> > the entire CJK part from some respectable Yakudza publisher.
> Hmmm :)) well euhm.... any Japanese/Chinese/Korean folks reading this list
> ;) could they please react ? how do you folks normally deal with it ?
My suggestion is Links need to be localized in Japanese and get full kana 
(~120 PNGs) and essential kanji (~1850 PNGs) support first, to invite 
Japanese co-operation to correct what those barabric gaijin have done to 
their Manga's and Hentai's.

> > For a simplicity of what I have in mind, per sang, I'd use Titus TrueType
> > below:
> > 1) #tt2png -<some-option(s)> tituscbz.ttf
> > should produce a set of 7000+ (user-adjustable, framed) PNG files of
> > sizes varying approximately in 60x100 pixels area (size depending on
> > user-adjustable 4 corners of "x" base size, plus user-adjustable
> > framewidths (for hinting/kerning/leading);
> > 2) repeat the same with (user-adjustable, as another option)
> > different/lower bitrate, as in bpp, to see a PNG size diminishes and
> > outlines deteriorate.
> Sounds reasonable... only euhm... why do you want 4 adjustable corners?
> i.e. each char has its own BBox ...? or do you mean somthing like
> ``whatever its height i want it at 100pix'' ?
No.... First, I want 4 points of an 40-50 pixels wide "x" square (or 
rectangular, or parallelogram, if it's cursive/italics/slanted) established 
independently for all traditional (i.e., non-Arabic/Hebrew/Klingon/CJK) 
alphabets in a given Titus. Then I want to build a bigger 
"wide-H-with-top-and-bottom-lids" rectangular ~80x120 grid around it, where's 
the central dash in "H" would indicate a baseline and seat that "x" square on 
it. Now the construct is ready to accept any given Titus glyph into it.

> About my ``wunderbaby'' as someone (you?) called it ... i just fixed a
> major bug that prevented rendering Unicode fonts correctly .. another step
> on its way... :)
....I'm afraid it would take you, and you alone to make a major surgery over 
Links dead body sources, when transplanting your font engine into there. 
While deep in those internals, would you please look for and pluck out that 
gall bladder that produces so much bile-dark grey backgrounds?

On PS Unicode naming scheme, or lack thereof: there's lots of 
remapping/re-encoding tables for old/non-Unicode local alphabets out there 
somewhere. Why all that hassle with PS in the first place? Do you plan to 
develop a "Print" function in Links?

Good luck in developing ttf2png with Cliff's co-operation,
P.S. Even better Links mascot attached herewith.

--- Life is certainly shorter than I thought 50 years ago ---
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