[links-list] Postscript Unicode glyph names problem

Reinoud buzztoh at 13thmonkey.org
Fri Nov 15 16:24:52 PST 2002

Hiya Links folks,

i'm looking at Postscript's Unicode glyph name scheme but stubled on the 
following :
	- there are names `/A', `/AEacute' etc etc...
	- there are the `uni' names like `/uni0202'
	- there are the `/afii57929' names... aparently Cyrillic chars but 
	  euhm... yet another translation table? How do they map unicode?
	- there are wierd glyph names like `_d_421' ... can they even be
	- ...

*sigh* ... ok ... so now i have that `neat' document with an encoding on it 
... say Unicode... now how to map those on `Cyrillic' f.e. or non `uni' 
namings? another table? *sigh* ...


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