[links-list] Re: fonts fonts fonts .... why not draw them ?

Reinoud buzztoh at 13thmonkey.org
Fri Nov 15 15:14:34 PST 2002

Dear links addicts,

On Thu, Nov 14, 2002 at 05:29:38PM -0800, aludal wrote:
> > hmm... ARM 20x? you mean StrongARM at 200 Mhz? or do you mean ARM2 ? (if that
> > little beasty is still avail... i doubt) ... There have been ARM1, ARM2,
> > ARM3, ARM6, ARM 7 and StrongARM's available allthough there is also an
> > ARM 8, ARM 9 and ARM 10 but those are pretty embedded normally... I've used
> > ARM2-StrongARM but have no experience with ARM8+. The reason you say prolly
> > like Pentium 90 is for ARM processors generally lack an FPU :( .... even
> > intel's Xscale implementation dropped the FPU thats normally included in
> > ARM10.
> I meant *Strong*ARM 207, or something they use for Linux PDAs (like Sharp 
> Zaurus, or whatever else). It's just my fingers refused to type "Strong" were 
> "WeakARM" is quite proper name.

Ahum... dont forget how old this StrongARM really is ... its from 1997 (?) 
or so ... if it had a FPU as default oh boy... then it would really be sooo 
much better; but oh well... thats dreaming.

> We talk Titus-strong sets of 7000+ chars here, per sang, Reinoud. Can your 
> "gv-supplied" (whatever it might mean; never heard of that foundry) Courier 
> reproduce "Latin Letter Dental Click"? Or a "Feminine Ordinal Indicator" much 
> sought of here recently? Links can now. And it's still well below CJK monster 
> part.

LOL! i meant the Courier font (type1) that was/is supplied with the 
ghostscript distro hence `gv' for the viewer :-D

I've looked at the Titus font and downloaded it.... i dont know how they
will react on the rendered images being distributed though...

I've found the following alternative font definitions with a Berkley 
licence :


They contain HEAPS of chars might be an interesting option....

> vertical offsets/pseudohinting of CJK, it's too much of esoteric science even 
> for such big type houses as Bitstream, so they just have just bought the 
> entire CJK part from some respectable Yakudza publisher.

Hmmm :)) well euhm.... any Japanese/Chinese/Korean folks reading this list 
;) could they please react ? how do you folks normally deal with it ?

> For a simplicity of what I have in mind, per sang, I'd use Titus TrueType 
> below:
> 1) #tt2png -<some-option(s)> tituscbz.ttf
> should produce a set of 7000+ (user-adjustable, framed) PNG files of sizes 
> varying approximately in 60x100 pixels area (size depending on 
> user-adjustable 4 corners of "x" base size, plus user-adjustable framewidths 
> (for hinting/kerning/leading);
> 2) repeat the same with (user-adjustable, as another option) different/lower 
> bitrate, as in bpp, to see a PNG size diminishes and outlines deteriorate.

Sounds reasonable... only euhm... why do you want 4 adjustable corners?  
i.e. each char has its own BBox ...? or do you mean somthing like
``whatever its height i want it at 100pix'' ?

About my ``wunderbaby'' as someone (you?) called it ... i just fixed a 
major bug that prevented rendering Unicode fonts correctly .. another step 
on its way... :)


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